Aura Cacia Essential Oil Review | Beneficial 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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In this guide, we will take a look at Aura Cacia essential oils that are characterized by their high-quality and purity. If you are looking for organic essential oils, you are in the right place. You will learn about the brand, its history and why you can trust it. A comprehensive review of multiple essential oils from this brand will help you pick the one you really need.

Why You Should Buy Aura Cacia Essential Oils

Founded in Iowa almost 50 years ago, Aura Cacia lays special emphasis on organic products, with its first 100-percent organic line being introduced in the 2000s. At present, the company sells a variety of products made from certified organic ingredients. Since that time, Aura Cacia has shown steady growth and now is one of the largest suppliers on the natural product market.

So it is a brand with a long history of success and focus on organic production. You may find Aura Cacia essential oils not just on the websites of major online retailers such as Amazon but, above all, in chemist’s shops, which says a lot about the product quality. Another peculiarity is the company’s business structure. Aura Cacia is a cooperative or, in other words, an autonomous association of owners and businesses. If you are a big proponent of democratic management models, you will like the way how its business is arranged.

And finally, Aura Cacia actively works with customers, raising their awareness about their products and how to use them properly. For your convenience, essential oils are divided into different categories — 100-natural options, blends, and kits. Besides, you may familiarize yourself with the website’s beneficial sections of the website that feature various recipes that are grouped according to the type of oil, collection or use. You can also contact the customer service via a live chat to learn more useful information. A separate section is dedicated to educating customers about essential oils, where they come from, how they are extracted from plants and how to use them topically or through diffusion or direct inhalation.

What Is The Quality of Aura Cacia Essential Oils?

To verify their quality, Aura Cacia carries out tests in laboratories to find out whether a product contains synthetic compounds and how pure the oil is. These tests include gas chromatography and sensory evaluation. As for gas chromatography (GC), this is a widely used and reliable technique that allows for separating volatile compounds into individual components and identify them. Such a test reveals the presence of pesticides and their amount as well as other synthetic chemicals and allergens.

Extensive testing is not the only evidence of Aura Cacia product’s quality. The way the company arranges its business speaks to the quality of its essential oils as well. They build up steady and long-lasting relationships with suppliers of raw ingredients. This is very important as all stages of oil production are under the full control of the company. Lastly, labels on Aura Cacia bottles indicate botanical names of the plants used, meaning you get exactly what you want. The thing is that many plants share a common name but do not have the same set of health benefits, whereas a botanical name is unique to each individual plant.

Aura Cacia Essential Oils Review

Below, we will look at different essential oils from this brand, all of which are natural, pure, and quality products. Whether you like hot spicy scents or warm sweet ones, you will find an option for you. Some of them, like lemon oil, are great for homemade cleaning solutions while others can serve as effective pest repellents as well.

Aura Cacia Lemon Essential Oil: photo

If you want a refreshing and energizing aroma, Aura Cacia Lemon Essential Oil is what you are looking for. This 100-percent pure essential oil extracted from lemon peels emits a fresh citrus scent, which will uplift your mood and boost your energy for the whole day. Customers suggest using this stuff in laundry and floor cleaning as well as an addition to dish-washing detergents. Or you can simply put two drops of this lemon essential oil in your diffuser and enjoy this sweet odor at home or in the office. Most purchasers like the scent, however, some of them are not satisfied with how long it lasts.

Aura Cacia Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil: photo

Aura Cacia Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil is made from Atlas cedar and does not contain any synthetic chemicals. The oil was extracted by steam distillation from the wood of this wonderful tree growing in Morocco. You will like its warm woody scent that will help you improve concentration, relieve stress, and relax your body. Also, it is widely used as an indoor deodorant as well as an effective natural insect repellent. Customers rate this Atlas cedarwood oil highly, saying that, unlike many other cheaper brands, this product does not irritate the skin and smells really nice. Another strong point of this product is that it mixes well with other essential oils, so you can experiment and create your unique blends using this oil.

Aura Cacia Black Pepper Essential Oil: photo

This Aura Cacia Geranium Oil is USDA organic and certified by QAI, which means that the product meets strict standards for organic integrity. Originating from Egypt, this essential oil was derived from the leaves, stems, and flowers of the geranium. Some customers recommend it to treat gum bleeding, just mix the liquid with coconut oil and apply the solution to your teeth 3 or 4 times a week. Others use Aura Cacia geranium oil in aromatherapy because of its powerful tranquilizing effect. Buyers say that the oil is fresh and very fragrant and, at the same time, is not heavy, so you can safely use it on a daily basis.

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While black pepper oil does not seem to be as popular as, say, the oils of citrus fruits, it has a variety of benefits you should be aware of. With its spicy hot scent, peppermint oil can stimulate your digestive system and help to relieve pain and anxiety. Aura Cacia Black Pepper Essential Oil is also a good choice for those who need to enhance their blood circulation. Just rub it on different parts of your body or simply enjoy its invigorating aroma. But the most common use of peppermint oil is in pest control. Customers advise mixing it with the oils of lemongrass and eucalyptus and spraying the solution on the clothes to keep mosquitoes away. Some buyers are disappointed that the product does not come with a dropper.

Aura Cacia Sweet Orange Essential Oil: photo

Aura Cacia Sweet Orange Essential Oil has a nice sweet scent that will refresh the air in the room and cheer you up. The oil was extracted from the peels of fruits using cold expression technology. Obtained from sweet oranges grown in the USA, it has multiple uses, ranging from making body lotions and perfumes to cleaning solutions. Note that citrus oils can cause allergies in some people and are very powerful, so make sure that you dilute the oil properly before application. Some purchasers recommend adding sweet orange oil to hot wax to make scented candles while others use it in disinfecting cleaning solutions.

Aura Cacia Essential Oil Kit: photo

For those who want to create their own blends, Aura Cacia Essential Oil Kit will be the best choice. You save money by paying some $15 for 4 bottles of different essential oils — eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree. This set is particularly popular with beginners as it includes the most widespread plant extracts that mix well with other oils. All four oils are 100-percent natural and have been tested in the company’s in-house laboratory. Besides, the product comes with a guide featuring over 20 recommendations about how to use this kit. So you will not even have to google for recipes, all you need is this amazing kit! About 60% of the buyers gave this kit five stars, highlighting that it is ideal for a gift for anyone who is fond of aromatherapy.

Other Essential Oil-Related Products From Aura Cacia Brand

Apart from essential oils, the company sells a number of other products that can be useful for anyone who loves aromatherapy or simply takes care of their appearance. First, Aura Cacia offers essential oil diffusers for all tastes, including ultrasonic devices, USB models, portable car diffusers, and spiral candle lamps. Besides, you can purchase refill pads for the above-mentioned diffusers and containers with writable labels where you can keep your homemade blends.

Aura Cacia Lavender Bubble Bath: photo

This brand also has organic skin care oils for personal care, aromatherapy bubble and mineral baths, and organic yoga mists. For example, this Aura Cacia Lavender Bubble Bath based on pure essential oils will help you relax and let you enjoy wonderful aromatic bubbles. There are no synthetic ingredients in the bubble bath, only natural ones, so it works well even on the sensitive skin. As you can see the company’s product assortment is really impressive and you can buy everything you need for your aromatherapy experience.

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