TOP-5 Best Anal Dildos | 2019 Impressive Buyer’s Guide

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Dreaming about a perfect anal dildo? It is important that the item is made of a high-quality material, which is neither excessively stiff nor too flexible. The imitation of veins increase your chances of orgasms. For safety reasons, the item should have a wide base. We believe that the Lifelike Lover model fits all these criteria.

Why have we picked up this model? This item is really popular among the users and there are reasons for that! Made of high-quality materials, it has textured veins up and down the shaft. The toy comes with suction cups so that you can stick it on any surface, with the base wide enough to prevent the toy from being accidentally stuck in the anus.

This guide deals with TOP-5 best anal dildos, discussing their types and benefits they offer. How to use these toys so that you could achieve fabulous orgasms? What things you should keep in mind to avoid unpleasant incidents? What things you should look for when buying an item? In this guide, you will get answers to these and other essential questions asked both by beginners and experienced users. Take a look at a comparison chart featuring these products to pick up the one that is right for you.

Ever since 50 Shades of Grey was released, the sexuality community has seen an increase in reported interest of anal sex. Now, of course, that’s not to say that people weren’t doing it before then, but what was once viewed as more as a taboo, has now become a healthy part of sexuality embraced. Sexologists and health experts are thrilled as more and more adult stores are carrying wide arrangements of anal toys.

Anal toys range from beginner to expert and have various features and ways to use them. However, with a wide selection, it can be hard to narrow it down to one suitable for your needs. So, with a little help, here’s a buyer’s guide to anal dildos.

Expert Opinion
Raquel Graña
Psychologist and sexologist, interested in the field of human relations, quality of life, and personal development.
The best anal dildos are silicone or a material adaptable to this area. It is more convenient to use them soft, with a base of plug (or a base of suction cup) and resistant, that hard. Why? Because the rectum is an area of ​​the body that has a tendency to close. Thus, a material such as silicone will facilitate pleasure and enjoyment.

Benefits of Using Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are a great addition to your sex life and benefit in a variety of ways. Anal sex is a way to expand your sexuality and enhance your sex life, be it with a partner, or solo. With the anal entrance, your body can open up to a whole new set of sensations rather than traditional sex. These toys benefit both men and women.

For women, it reaches a thin lining near the g-spot and for men, this can stimulate the prostate. The prostate is said to be where the man can experience his most intense orgasm, though many men have qualms with it because of sexuality stigma. However, contrary to popular belief, men who are recipients of anal sex are not always homosexual, and can enjoy it with their female partners as well.

Different Types of Anal Toys

Anal toys can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as materials and special functions. There are recommended beginner to expert types of anal dildos and all sorts in between. Here are some of the main types of anal toys one might find in the sex toy market.

Anal Beads

This is probably the most talked about an anal toy of them all. While a lot of people imagine these anal toys as a necklace of sorts, nowadays they are stationed onto a wand of sorts.

Anal bead toys are placed strategically so that when inserted, the sensations are intermittent as the beads create a sensation of minor stretching against the skin. Anal bead toys are generally recommended for an intermediate user, but of course, not everyone is the same.

Butt Plugs

Butt plug dildos may not have the most seductive name, but many people enjoy the use of them. Unlike other anal toys, the butt plug is meant to be inserted and left in until the completion of the activity. The sensations having intercourse with a butt plug allows the orgasms to intensify.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are anal toys that do not have any sort of vibrating functions and are meant to be inserted and pulled out during activities. These can range in sizes and should always have a wide base. It is important not to use vaginal dildos in the anus as these do not have a wide base.

Because your sphincter muscles in the anal cavity suck in, there have been reported incidents of people using the wrong kind of toy anally and getting it stuck, therefore needing to be removed in a hospital setting. This is probably not the most flattering trip to the hospital.

So, the wide base eliminates that issue and will prevent any unhealthy problems. Anal dildos can come in a variety of textures and materials for added pleasure.

The Inner Workings of Anal Dildos

Most models are not battery-operated or electric. However, it is most definitely possible to come across those that are. Some options will have a vibrating function, just like a vaginal vibrator. The speeds generally start out slow, and then as a button is pushed, the speed and strength will increase. Some may even have fancy speeds, such as a build-up, or a pulse function.

These types of anal dildos can be battery-operated, or charged via a wall charger to be used for wireless funds. Generally, the wall charged ones will be of higher quality and have higher quality materials.

The materials used in anal toys can be glass, plastic, a flexible jelly material, or silicone. Silicone is the highest quality of all these materials and will be more expensive. Silicone is virtually seamless and is the most similar to skin touch. The material actually warms against the skin.

Boosting Your Chance of Orgasm: How to Use Anal Dildos

1. Utilizing the idea of your average everyday anal dildo, with no excessive functions for beginners and first-timers, it is important to first start off with a good lubricant. Because the anus does not naturally lubricate, it is important to use lube for comfort. Do not use saliva, because it will evaporate quite quickly and make the whole sexy experience not fun at all.

There are many types of toy lubricants to use with anal toys, however, the most recommended lube to use with anal products is silicone. Silicone lube has the super-slippery texture that will make sure you are at the top of comfort, allowing a safe, fun, and healthy experience.

However, note that silicone lubricant CANNOT be used with silicone toys. The materials will mesh and create small deteriorations in the material, allowing a chance for bacteria to seep in.

2. Assuming that one is a beginner, it is best to start out with a beginner’s anal dildo. These dildos are much smaller than some of the ones you see on the market. A lot of the beginner ones are going to be made with the jelly-like material, allowing great flexibility for comfort. Properly lubricate the toys with around a dime-size of quality lubricant. Too much lubricant will decrease sensations and be messier than originally intended.

3. Slowly insert the toy into the anus, allowing the muscles to get used to the feeling. It is important to check on your partner’s comfort, especially if this is your first time. Keep your hands around the wide base in the toy and push further in, allowing the toy in deeper. Always keep in constant communication with your partner so the experience may be enjoyable for the both of you. If you’re doing this in solo play, you can obviously derive your own comfort.

4. Pulling the dildo in and out of the anus will create sensations of fullness and reach different areas of orgasm for both the man and woman. Most people orgasm from speed, so frequently pulling it in and out in a fast pace will help increase the chance of orgasm. Experiment with different toys, textures, and materials for maximum pleasure.

5. After use, it is so important to make sure you properly clean your toy with an adult toy cleaner. Do not use soap and water, as these will break down the materials in your toy, allowing holes and perforations for bacteria to lodge in. Never use an anal toy that has been used in vaginally. You cannot “dip” an anal toy back and forth between the vagina and anus. This will almost definitely create an infection and if that happens, no one is having sex for a while until that is cleared up.

When it comes to sexual health, you cannot skimp. Anal dildos are made for the anal area, not anywhere else. Do not try to save money by not purchasing other toys for other areas or skimping on a good toy cleaner. Nothing is more important than your sexual health, so that you may be able to continue exploring your sexuality in a healthy and empowering way.

Expert Opinion
Raquel Graña
Psychologist and sexologist, interested in the field of human relations, quality of life, and personal development.

Tip: use silicone dildos with a plug base and a silicone-based lubricant, since it is more durable in time than water. Remember that the anus does not have its own lubrication!

TOP-5 Best Anal Dildos

Take a look at a review of TOP-5 best products at a price range from $15 to $35. Whether you prefer a silicone toy or a glass one, you will find the most suitable model for you. Some models have a realistic veined design while others are smooth and slide easily. Most products come with a suction cup base ensuring a healthy sex experience.

8-Inch Beaded Glass Anal Dildo | Lovehoney

8-Inch Beaded Glass Anal Dildo Lovehoney: photo

This particular model is very popular among anal sex pursuers. This toy should be used by more experienced users rather than beginners. It is made of thick glass and has a wider circumference which may be a little more intimidating for beginners.

The large bead sections allow for stretched anal sensations as they pass through intermittently. The curvature of the toy adds a nice sensation as well, as it flows with the actual shape of the cavity, allowing for maximum comfort. This toy can be used in solo or dual play.

Lovehoney:   Check the current price

8-Inch Realistic Anal Dildo | Lifelike Lover

8-Inch Realistic Anal Dildo: photo

This dildo is a popular one to use for anal, as it is also a vaginal toy. The realistic penis look gives it its appeal to users. The texture of a thick, yet flexible rubber allows for comfort and relates to the sensation of a real penis.

The textured veins up and down the shaft add sensations during insertions. You will be able to feel these veins better via anal than vaginally as the anus is tighter. It is also girthy as well, which is recommended for intermediate to expert anal players.

One of the best benefits of this dildo is the suction cup on it. Suction cups add a whole new area of play as it can be stuck on many fun surfaces, such as the shower wall! An added benefit to using silicone lubricant mentioned before, is that it is waterproof, which makes it the ideal lubricant for water play.

Just stick this dildo on the shower wall, or floor and go to town! Other great surfaces for fun play may be something like the washer or dryer, which add fun vibrations to your anal play for a new experience.

While most anal toys can’t be used vaginally and anally, this one can because of the “sack” at the bottom, giving the wide base needed for anal toys. Remember do not double dip and use a good toy cleaner. That benefit is excellent though because you get more bang for your buck!

Lifelike Lover:   Check the current price

Silicone Anal Dildo with Suction Cup | Adorime

Silicone Anal Dildo with Suction Cup: photoSimilar to the other realistic penis dildo, this particular toy has even more features. This design has a double-layered material allowing for even more realistic movement. The shaft is moveable, similar to real skin. While being both squishy and holding its firmness at the core, this is about as real as it gets when it comes to anal toys.

The flexibility allows for maximum comfort and pleasure at any depth. The suction cup again allows for versatile surfaces and play experiences. The veins are also added for texture as well and this one can yet again be used both anally and vaginally.

This toy is made of pure silicone, so be sure not to use a silicone lubricant, and opt for other toy safe lubricants.

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Crystal Jelly Anal Dildo | Doc Johnson

Crystal Jelly Anal Dildo from Doc Johnson: photo

This model is a great dildo for beginners or new adventurers into anal play. This toy is made from that flexible, yet firm jelly material. Its slim design will not intimidate new users and not overwhelm the anus with too much stretching. It does not have any added textures and allows for a smooth glide when used with the proper lubricant.

It also features a suction cup as well for multi-surfaces which also functions as a good holding base when using manually or with a partner. It is not overwhelmingly long, or girthy, which is a relief to those beginners who may have reserved thoughts or hesitations when engaging in anal play. The tapered end also helps ease comfort as well. You can use the full six inches or anything below that according to you or your partner’s comfort.

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12-Speed Anal Dildo with Remote Control | S Toys

12-Speed Anal Dildo with Remote Control: photoThis toy is a great anal dildo for beginner to intermediate anal players. It encompasses a lot of the different designs and features we’ve talked about in this article. It echos the thought of using beads for different texture and pleasure, but keeps the beads much smaller for beginners.

This toy is encased it seamless and soft silicone (remember, no silicone lube), to warm to your body for lifelike temperatures. It also features 12 different speeds of vibrations, which is something none of the other models have in this list. The wide base allows for a safe and easy grip and has more of firm grip like the glass ones, rather than flexibility.

S Toys:   Check the current price

Comparison Chart of Anal Dildo Effectiveness

7.2-inch insertable length
Hypoallergenic & non-porous glass
Effectiveness: 10
Lifelike Lover
6 inches in length
Veined shaft
Bendable shaft
Suction cup base
Effectiveness: 10

Made of a soft silicone
Realistic penis veins
6-inch insertable length
Effectiveness: 9
Doc Johnson
Tapered tip for easy insertion
Textured shaft
Suction cup base
6-inch insertable length
Effectiveness: 8
S Toys

Material: Silicone/ABS
12-Function Vibrations
USB Rechargeable
Effectiveness: 10

What to Look for When Buying an Anal Dildo

  1. Quality. In the world of sex toys, you get what you pay for, like with many products. Do not necessarily look for the cheapest items, as these will inevitably break down over use. There’s no reason to break the bank for them (unless you want to), but keep in mind quality is important for both long time use and good health.
  2. Texture. Texture is important to you personally because that is going to determine your personal pleasure. If the toy is too stiff or too flexible, it can impact your pleasure and satisfaction with it.
  3. Materials. The material the item is made of is important, especially for those who have allergic reactions to different types of metals and materials, such as silicone, nickel, and other materials.
  4. Features. This is completely up to you. Only you know what you’re interested in so definitely be aware of all the bells and whistles that may come with it.
  5. Wide Base. This is probably the most important to look for when buying an anal dildo. Make sure you have a good grip. Remember, if it has no distinctive handle or base, then it is not recommended for anal use. Bullet designs are NEVER meant to go into the anus, for both your embarrassment and protection.


What is the best brand of dildos on the market?
While there are many different great and reputable brands of adult toys and dildos on the market, there are some that outweigh others. Love Honey is the best on the market. They have a vast collection of dildos for all shapes and sizes. The prices are quite decent and allow you to fill up your toy arsenal without breaking the bank.

Which model is the best for beginners?
Any small model will be good for beginners.

What is the point of a dildo?
Dildos are used to enhance sexual experiences whether it be solo or without a partner. It adds a new experience other than traditional intercourse. Any sex or orientation can use them.

How should you clean it?
Depending on the cleaner you purchase, some toy cleaners will have different ways of how to clean it. DO NOT use soap and water, household cleaners, or anything other than an adult toy cleaner as these will destroy your toy, creating microscopic nicks, allowing an opportunity for bacteria to hide in.

What lubricants are recommended for dildos?
Any water-based lubricant will work for dildos. Water-based is safe for all materials. Silicone lubricant is great for anal play because of the slippery textures, but as mentioned multiple times, cannot be used with silicone toys. Stay away from warming lubricants and heavily flavored lubricants as these contain synthetic oils that could damage the materials as well.


While there is no “one-size” option fits all, there are a few distinct features in this article that you may not have considered before reading this buyer’s guide. Deciding which sizes, features, and textures that will be the best for you personally is a matter of opinion.

The other great pieces of information such as lubricants, cleaning, and having a wide base is very important and should not be ignored. This is for optimal health, allowing you and your partner to have a safe and healthy experience as you explore your sexuality further.

You’ve seen the differences in textures, features, and beginner toys to expert toys, so now it is time to go forth and purchase the anal dildo that is meant for you!

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