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Butt plugs are probably one of the most common-known sex toys by name, yet many are afraid to admit that they use them. Butt plugs and anal toys used to be sort of taboo, as did anal sex. However, in the last 10 years or so, anal sex and anal toys have been on the rise. The butt plug is among the top purchased in the anal category. It also can be seen in many porn videos of the anal category.

What is the best butt plug? It is important that the product is manufactured by a reputable company as it is a question of your health, after all. Brand-name companies use quality and hypoallergenic, with the full information indicated on the product label. Also, choose a product that has several size options, something that will allow you to pick the one that is right for you. For safety reasons, a toy should also have a wide base. We believe that Adam & Eve Training Kit fits these criteria best.

Why have we chosen it? It is a great option both for beginners and advanced users, giving you three different sizes to experiment with — 4.5, 5, and 6 inches. The product is made of quality hypoallergenic silicone and has a tapered tip for easy insertion. It is also waterproof, so feel free to play with it in the shower. A flared suction-cup base make your sex experience safe and comfortable.

In this guide, you will learn about TOP-5 best butt plugs as well as the difference between their main types: standard, prostate, and high-end ones. A comparison chart showing the main features of these products will help you select the one that is right for you. Found out what makes this toy different from an anal dildo and how it actually works. The guide also discusses the benefits of using these products, providing expert opinions on the issue. You may also read an FAQ section containing useful tips, such as how to prevent the item from sticking in the anus.

Expert Opinion
Psychologist and sexologist, interested in the field of human relations, quality of life, and personal development.
When is the best time to introduce an anal toy?

Many people tell me that they want to start anal sex with toys, but they do not know how to do it. My advice is that it should be introduced when the excitation is very high to facilitate its entry and, always with lubrication.

For example, techniques can be combined. While the woman is being penetrated vaginally or while a person makes a fellatio to the man. This will help and it will be more pleasant.

What You Will Learn From This Guide:

Risks and Benefits: Everything You Wanted to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask

Butt plugs can benefit both men and women, and are one the few types of sex toys that can. They offer a more exciting experience to your normal sex routine and can be used solo, or with a partner. They help intensify other pleasures and actions in the bedroom. They are comfortable, easy-to-use, and made for all types of users, from beginner to expert.

Butt plugs are said to help enhance an orgasm and help strengthen kegel muscles in women as well. With a butt plug inserted in the anus during sexual play, one can feel the tension and pressure in the anus while giving or receiving oral, foreplay, or even vaginal penetration. This serves as a multi-experience of different pleasure emanating from different areas.

During sexual activity, it may rub against the prostate or the g-spot allowing for harder and more intense orgasms. The contracting of the muscles of the orgasm will also add to the tension in the anus, enhancing that orgasm even more.

The Main Types of Butt Plugs

Standard Butt Plug

The standard butt plug is going to look like a very simple toy. It will generally be made of a stiff, thick, jelly-like material. Most are no longer than 5 inches, though they do make bigger ones. The bottoms of all butt plugs will have a flared-out base and be tapered, for easy and safe insertion. The design starts out small and then may texture and flare out for added sensations.

Curved and Prostate Butt Plugs

These types of butt plugs will be larger than your standard size. Often times, they can look like dildos, but still keeping that wide base for safety. These butt plugs have a distinct design in them, being curved. These particular types are delightful especially for men as they are intended to reach the prostate, which is where the man’s most powerful orgasm lies, according to the experts. For a female, the curvature in the butt plug allows the end to rub against the back of the g-spot, allowing for extra pleasure.

High-End Butt Plugs

The last type of butt plugs to mention is the butt plugs that generally cost more. These are made of luxurious materials, such as seamless silicone, or another warming texture. Additionally, these may vibrate, have different textures, and even be remote controlled for extra fun!

How Do Butt Plugs Work: Experience Pleasure You Will Never Forget

A butt plug, unlike you average anal dildo, is not meant to be inserted and pulled out repeatedly. It is recommended to be inserted and left in until the end of your sexual festivities. Not all people use it this way, but this is the proper way to use one of these toys.

Having it in the anus strikes your sphincter muscles in your anus (i.e. the muscles that squeeze in your anus). The tension allows your other sensations from other turn-on spots, extra sensitivity.

You can focus on other areas of sexual play while having the butt plug in and always delivering multi-pleasures. You can use it on your own or with a partner to get those extra sensations.

How to Use: Boosting Your Orgasm

Using a butt plug is quite simple. Like with all sex toys, you should be using a quality lubricant and making sure that it is properly lubed up, no more than a dime size amount. Pay attention to the materials to ensure proper lubricant use compatibility. For beginners, if you have chosen to use any type of numbing cream or relaxant gel, you should apply it around the area before insertion.

Slowly slide it into the anus, making sure you are doing it at a comfortable speed for you or your partner. It should go in smoothly due to the lubricant. If at any time it seems dry, do not force, and apply more lubricant. The item should hold place until the end of sexual activities. Experiment with different types and features to enhance orgasms.

Can it get stuck inside me?

As long as you are using this toy with a wide or flared base, it cannot get stuck. The wide base is there to protect you from an experience such as this, because those sphincter muscles suck in. This is why vaginal dildos are not meant for the anus as well, to include vibrating bullets. Without a flared base, it is possible to have a toy stuck into the anus.

Anal toys should always be used anally and should not be double-dipped vaginally. Without proper cleaning between use with a good cleaner, it is possible to spread bacteria from the anus to the vagina, which can end up in serious consequences.

How to insert it properly?

You must use a proper lubricant. You shouldn’t use water, lotion, or spit, as these will dry up immediately and/or cause discomfort or difficulty. It should not be jammed in, but pushed in slowly for you or your partner’s comfort. Always insert at a comfortable angle, slowly.

TOP-5 Best Butt Plugs

These models differ in size and design, with some items being as large as 6 inches. They are made of various materials — from glass and silicone to PVC, rubber, and a TPR jelly. Most models are waterproof and hypoallergenic and all of them have a flared base ensuring safe anal sex.

Training Kit | Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve - Training Kit: photo

This model is perfect for the beginner! It gives you three different sizes to experiment with, each just a little bigger than the next. One who is nervous about trying these toys out should fear no more with an easy and safe to use kit such as this.

It allows a new user to slowly get used to the idea of a butt plug. They are soft silicone, tapered, and waterproof for water play!

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Slimline Butt Plug | Basics

BASICS Slimline Butt Plug: photo

The Basics Slimline is one of your longer and more narrow butt plugs. We would probably recommend for someone who has used these toys before, given the length of it.

A beginner may find it a little overwhelming. However, the slim fit of this model allows for optimum comfort and the jellylike material for pliability. This product also has a suction cup on the bottom which can be stuck to other surfaces for extra fun!

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Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug | Lovehoney

Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug: photo

This model can look a little intimidating to the beginner, but offers a whole new experience for those who have spent a little time using butt plugs. This nifty contraption is a mind-blowing customizable experience.

The handheld grenade serves as an inflatable pump, allowing the butt plug to expand in size and no pun intended, blow your mind! It also allows control of the vibration function as well, all to add the sexual pleasures. To decrease pressure, you simply use a button on the remote and it will restore back to original size. It can inflate from 5 to 9 inches.

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Glass Butt Plug | Don Wand

Glass Butt Plug from Don Wand: photo

The Don Wand model is a great thing for all users, including beginners. This particular item stands out because of its smooth glass and can be used warm or cold. Keeping it cold could add other sensations than the average sex toy, which is a good reason why people choose glass over other materials.

Glass toys should all be handled with care and checked before use, making sure it is free of all cracks and chips. This is a tapered model with a base for safety and minimal length as well.

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Orgasmic Gel Butt Plug | Nasstoys

Orgasmic Gel Butt Plug: photo

The Orgasmic Gel is another great option for all users. It offers a flexible but firm jelly-like material, with the look of glass. Through this item, you can see the motor that lies within the toy, a pleasure button that sends shockwaves of vibrations through the item.

This will help increase orgasm by rocking you to the height of pleasure. This model is also waterproof and can be used during shower play as well. The vibrations increase from high to low and produce different patterns, controllable at the base.

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Comparison Chart of Butt Plug Effectiveness

Adam & Eve Training Kit
Flared suction-cup base
Hypoallergenic & Waterproof
Length: 4.5, 5.0, 6.0 in
Material: Silicone
Tapered tips for easy use
Width: 1.25, 1.50, 1.10 in
Effectiveness: 10
Basics Slimline Butt Plug
Length: 4 in
Tapered tip for easy insertion
Narrow neck and flared base
Latex-free and Phthalates-free
Material: PVC
Waterproof: Submersible
Effectiveness: 8
Length: 5 inches
Wired remote controller
Attached pump inflates it up to 9 inches
Material: Rubber
Waterproof: No
Effectiveness: 10
Don Wand
Hypoallergenic & Waterproof
Length: 3 ¾ in
Material: Glass
Effectiveness: 9
Material: clear TPR jelly
Length: 4.5 inches
ABS vibrator
Several speeds of vibration & dial control
Effectiveness: 10

What to Look for When Buying

Always buy your sex toys from a reputable company.

Any of the products we recommend are safe for use, with the exception of allergies in materials. Make sure you always check the material it is made from before purchasing if you are allergic to silicone, nickel, or latex.

Know what you are looking for.

You should have a general idea on what product you are looking for, especially after this guide. Beginner players should look for beginner toys and then expand into more advanced models.

Always make sure the butt plug has a wide base.

Any type of anal toy should have a wide base for your safety and easy pull-out measures.

Always read instructions or warnings on labels upon purchase.

Some products require different care or maintenance than others. Make sure you read the care and use instructions before using.


What is the best anal plug on the market?
The best model on the market would be the Adam and Eve Booty Boot Camp Training Kit. This product is the best simply because of its easy-to-use and simple design, the way it trains beginners to explore new sizes and levels, and its fantastic price. This set of toys is great for all closets and users of different experiences as a staple in your personal sex storage.

However, if you are looking for the largest selection of different types of these toys, we do suggest, as they carry every type imaginable for all users.

What is the difference between a butt plug and a dildo?
A dildo is meant for continuous use, such as being pulled in and out of the anus, whereas a butt plug’s intent is to remain in place during sexual activity.

What is the best lubricant?
The best lubricant would have to be a silicone one. Because the anus does not naturally lubricate, the added slipperiness of the silicone will serve as a great and comfortable coating anally. It also is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower without drying up.

Alternatively, if the toy you’re using is made of silicone, it cannot be used with silicone lubricant. Silicone against itself warps and meshes, destroying the quality of your toy. In cases where you are using a silicone product, it is best to go for a water-based lubricant or a toy lubricant compatible with all toys.

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