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If you think that buying all-natural essential oils is that simple, you are wrong. These products have different quality, manufacturer, extraction methods — all these factors influence their efficiency in aromatherapy or other kinds of treatment. Indeed, essential oils have multiple applications. Researchers at Ohio State University point out the following uses of the most widespread oils:

  • Tranquilizing effect and sleep improvement: lavender oil.
  • Relieving pain: the oils of clove and eucalyptus.
  • Skincare: the oils of bergamot and oregano.
  • Treating cold: the oils of chamomile and peppermint.
  • Enhancing hair health: rosemary oil.
  • Disinfection: lemon oil.

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts of plants that help you feel better physically and psychologically. These substances should be either breathed in or applied to the skin. In some cases, essential oils can be ingested, however, you should not resort to this kind of treatment without consulting a doctor. When applied to the skin, such oils are absorbed by soft tissues and delivered to the blood. If you use aromatherapy, the beneficial vapors are inhaled and then, distributed into your respiratory system.

What Are The Standards for Essential Oils?

According to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, it is the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) that regulates the sale of products related to foods, medicines, and cosmetics. Whether essential oils fall into the category of medicine or beauty products depends on intended usage. That is why the FDA requirements for essential oils vary from product to product and, therefore, there is no such thing as uniform standards for essential oils.

The agency decides whether a particular product relates to drugs or beauty care based on how it is advertised and the label directions. So if a manufacturer states that its product will help the user in dealing with some health issues, the item will be regulated as a drug. The difference is significant as buying drugs requires a doctor’s prescription while beauty products are available to everyone.

That said, the FDA is not the only agency that sets standards for essential oils. Since a bulk of these products are imported in the USA from other countries, it would be wise to check their compliance with regional regulatory bodies. An agency responsible for providing standards valid in the European Union states is AFNOR. This organization establishes norms for essential oils, including water and phenol content. So according to AFNOR, lavender oil should contain no more than 0.5% of camphor. Another standard, ISO, determines how essential oils should be stored and packed.

How to Choose High-Quality Essential Oils

Now, let’s move to the main factors that can help to distinguish quality essential oils from liquids that are not compliant with standards. According to aromatherapy specialists from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, when choosing essential oils, consider such factors as a botanical origin of the product, in what climate the plant was grown, what harvesting techniques and methods of oil production were used, and the product’s storage life.
Also, read the label carefully and by your essential oil by its Latin name and make sure that the label indicates the botanical name of the plant. The thing is that some unscrupulous businessmen use similar cognate words in the names of their products to mislead consumers who fail to see the difference between lookalike names. That is why you should learn the botanical name of the essential oil you are going to buy.

Experts from the University of Minnesota provide a list of factors that determine the quality of essential oils.

  • Organic plant production. Since oils are extracts from plants, they absorb not only health properties but also pesticides and other chemicals applied to the plants by farmers. For this reason, you should opt for organic essential oils.
  • Country of origin. Without being an expert, you will hardly be able to see the difference. However, if you want to use essential oil for therapeutic purposes, you should better consult a professional therapist beforehand. The latter can recommend you producing countries for your particular case.
  • 100-percent natural oils are the only option that will guarantee you efficient therapy. Make sure that the product is not diluted and is highly concentrated.
  • Reliable package. Essential oils must be exposed neither to heat nor light, which is why the package must be tightly sealed while the liquid itself must be in a dark-colored glass or opaque container.

Choosing the Right Essential Oil Brand

The list of the largest exporters of essential oils includes the USA (13%), India (12%), China (9.6%), France (8.6%), Brazil (7.5%), and Argentina (3.6%). Much depends on a particular manufacturer, which is why choosing a reliable brand will help you to avoid purchasing low-quality products. So what criteria are the most important?

Extraction techniques

Researchers at the University of Minnesota indicate three different techniques of essential oil production employed by manufacturers: steam distillation, expression, superficial CO2 expression.

  • In steam distillation, the steam goes through the plant, vaporizing light chemical compounds. This method is the best option for making beauty products, such as rose oil.
  • Expression is the most effective method for extracting citrus oils. This technology involves processing the peel of citrus fruits to get their oils. Unlike the above-mentioned method, this one does not require heating, which is why the smell of the oils is similar to that of the plant.
  • Supercritical C02 extraction uses carbon dioxide and is the best technique for producing oils intended for therapeutic purposes. The thing is that this method allows the manufacturer to preserve more molecules of the plant, which is why such oils have a richer chemical composition.

Company profile

You can learn some information about the manufacturer from open sources. When was a company established? Does it have a website and customer support? Is there a wide product range? Does the company offer only single oils or blends and diffusers as well? Is there a money-back guarantee and discounts for regular clients? Does it sell oils extracted from pesticide-free plants? Answering these questions will also help you pick a reliable company.

TOP-13 Essential Oil Brands

Below, you will find the TOP-13 brands of essential oils. These companies have different production techniques, assortments of goods, and price range. Some brands use only certified organic ingredients and carry out tests to confirm the quality and purity of their essential oils. Others do not have such an advantage but offer lower prices and convenient refund policy. Now, let’s take a closer look at these brands.

1. Mountain Rose Brand of Essential Oils

Organic lavender essential oil: photo

Established in 1987 as a small retail herb shop in Vermont, today, it is a trusted company offering a broad range of essential oils. Mountain rose has a stunningly wide range of essential oils from $5 to $100 as well as a variety of candles, perfumes and oil diffusers. If you want to be sure of the high quality of your oils, this brand should be your choice. These products are 100% pure, natural and certified organic. Another strong point of this company is that it has a product line not only for experienced users but also for beginners. Not to mention their generous refund program — you can return a product within two months.

One more reason to purchase from Mountain Rose is that the company works with wholesale buyers. So if you own an aroma shop or something like that, such a partnership will be quite advantageous for you. Last but not least, the company engages in charity and supports ecological products as well as the farmers who make ingredients for it.

If you need lavender oil, I recommend you to buy this Organic lavender essential oil by Mountain Rose Herbs. Well, this item is more expensive than many other competitive products but it is really worth the price. It is all-natural, organic, pure and is easy to use as the bottle comes with a drop reducer.

2. Plant Therapy Brand of Essential Oils

Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oil Set: photo

One of the reasons for Plant Therapy products being so popular among customers is a combination of an affordable price and high quality. So no wonder that Amazon is literally flooded with items of this brand. Another advantage is a broad range of options (more than 100 articles), including oil sets and blends. All of them are pure and can be safely used for therapeutic purposes. The company utilizes organic ingredients certified by ECOCERT and USDA and employs steam technology of extraction.

Another strong point of this brand is the testing procedures. It is a third-party laboratory, not the company’s division, that carries out tests of every single batch so that customers had no doubts about the high quality of Plant Therapy products. Separately worth noting a special line of essential oils for kids. These products are safe for children and can be used by a child as young as two years old. So if your kid has sleep issues or is overly excitable, this brand is what you are looking for. Apart from that, the company has a 3-month refund policy and is a sustainable business.

Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oil Set contains six 10ml bottles with the oils of lemon, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint. What I particularly like about this product is its wonderful wooden box, which makes this item an ideal gift.

3. Lagunamoon Brand of Essential Oils

Lagunamoon essential oil gift set: photoThis company offers beauty products, with an emphasis on healthy and natural solutions. As for essential oils, Lagunamoon sells almost 40 products that are intended for topical application and can provide physical and spiritual health benefits. The raw materials they use originate from different countries all over the world, with all the relevant information being indicated on the package. Lagunamoon offers oils that are made using different extraction methods and tested by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to be free of fillers.

Take a look at this Lagunamoon essential oil gift set that can be used in massage or aromatherapy. The set includes the oils of peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and lavender, and is particularly beneficial for your skin and hair. The product is highly popular among customers who mention its durability and the ease of use as the main advantages.

4. Plant Guru Brand of Essential Oils

Carrier Oil Variety Set: photo

Founded as a small family-run business, today, Plant Guru employs over 30 people and has already sold one million products. The company boasts a 99-percent customer satisfaction rate and offers more than 100 essential oils at affordable prices. That said, all the products are USDA organic and undergone gas chromatography-mass spectrometry tests, the results of which are published on the Plant Guru website.

One of the reasons to purchase from this supplier is its approach to the assortment of goods. I think it would be no exaggeration to say that Plant Guru can satisfy all kinds of needs of consumers looking for essential oils. Whether you want to enhance your blood pressure, improve sleep, de-stress or make your skin look healthier, you will find an option for you. On top of that, they offer free delivery and have a nice educational program, the Learning Center, where you can get all the necessary information about the products and how to use them.

All essential oils of this brand are natural like this Carrier Oil Variety Set which contains oils extracted from the almond, avocado, coconut, and grapeseed. These ingredients were cold-processed, which allowed the manufacturer to preserve beneficial vitamins A, B, D, E.

5. Edens Garden Brand of Essential Oils

Edens Garden Fighting Five Essential Oil Synergy Blend: photo

Well, let me start with the fact that this is a women-owned online company specializing in the sale of essential oils and related products. Established in 2009 in California, Eden Gardens has become a successful business offering quality yet affordable products. All of them are 100% natural and the company sources the raw ingredients itself. This brand uses a steam extraction technique, outsourcing product testing to a third-party laboratory. One of the important advantages I would like to mention is a quick merchandise turnover, meaning you always get a fresh product, not an old stock. By the way, this is crucial for the efficiency of essential oils.

One more strong point is the company’s loyalty program that allows clients to buy essential oils on credit. I think this will be especially appreciated by heavy users of essential oils. The only downside to this brand is that not all of its products are certified organic, but the assortment of goods is wide and includes not only single oils but also blends and diffusers. Some products were developed specifically for children, meeting the corresponding safety requirements. For example, Edens Garden Fighting Five Essential Oil Synergy Blend includes the oils of eucalyptus, lemon, cinnamon, clove, and rosemary. The solution is designed to make your immune system stronger and kill some of the bacteria in your organism.

6. Majestic Pure Brand of Essential Oils

Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil: photo

This is another company headquartered in California. Their product range includes essential oils, shampoos, and skin-care products. They all are made from natural botanical ingredients and are GMO-free. And yet, this brand has a significant downside. While being promoted as helpful for some health issues and disorders, Majestic Pure essential oils are not certified organic. Nor there is any information provided about whether these products are tested for purity and quality.

That said, the company has the advantage of having a consumer-friendly pricing policy. They offer discounts that allow customers to save up to 20%, free-of-charge delivery, and a 2-month satisfaction guarantee. This is a good reason to pick this brand, especially if you buy oils in bulk. Another point I would like to mention is the company’s informative blog that is full of beneficial tips and recommendations. You may try Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil that will help you relax and is a great moisturizer. This stuff is not greasy and does not stain, which makes it the best option for massage.

7. Now Foods Brand of Essential Oils

Now Foods Tea Tree Essential Oil: photo

Founded in the late 1960s, Now Foods boasts a rich history and now is one of the leading companies in the natural product industry. With a headquarter in Illinois, the company has world-class laboratories and owns several manufacturing facilities. Now Foods products are sold in 70 countries worldwide and have an impressive network of distributors. So you can imagine the scale of the business…

As for essential oils, the company offers certified organic products that are tested for purity in its laboratories. Still, some items are produced using conventionally grown plants, which is indicated on the label. The company employs steam extraction techniques and a special department in charge of quality control. Despite such strong quality control, essential oils of this brand are not overpriced. Take a look at Now Foods Tea Tree Essential Oil that will help improve your mood and clear the air in your space. Its strong warm aroma makes this item a great choice for aromatherapy.

8. DoTERRA Brand of Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oil Respiratory Blend: photo

For many aromatherapy enthusiasts, this brand needs no introduction. However, this does not automatically mean that their products are of the highest possible quality. This company does not use certified organic ingredients and its success can be partially attributed to the company’s sophisticated marketing strategy. And yet, doTerra essential oils can be trusted since the company not only carries out tests for their purity and quality but also gets the results verified in an independent laboratory.

Yes, their products are pricier than those of competitors but this is partially offset by a generous 100% refund policy. You can return the product you purchased in case you are not satisfied with its quality. These essential oils come in different combinations, like doTERRA Essential Oil Respiratory Blend that will be helpful for people with troubled breathing or those who simply like invigorating scents.

DoTerra is a large-sized business, with the 600-thousand-square-foot headquarters and several thousands of employees. On top of that, the company has its own spa salon with professional massagists and therapists.

9. Aura Cacia Brand of Essential Oils

Aura Cacia Rosehip Restoring Serum: photo

The company’s history goes back to the 1970s when small business was established by two entrepreneurs in Iowa. It was then that they decided to include organic products in the assortment but a 100% organic line was introduced 30 years later, in the 2000s. Today, the products of this Aura Cacia brand include certified organic ingredients and are tested by the in-house laboratory using various methods.

If you look at the company’s website, you will see how informative it is. Apart from the description of essential oils divided into several categories (100%, blends, kits), it features a recipe section and information section to educate customers about oils and their benefits. One of the brand’s popular products is Aura Cacia Rosehip Restoring Serum that was tested by dermatologists and is 100% organic. Designed as facial cleansing treatment, it also works a great moisturizer.

10. Young Living Brand of Essential Oils

Young Living Compare Filled Keychain Kit: photo

While being highly popular, Young Living is not accurate in advertising its essential oils. In 2014, the company received the FDA warning letter saying that a number of oils were promoted for treating and curing health issues, including Ebola infection, cancer, and heart disease. This made these products fall into the category of drugs, but none of them were approved by the FDA for this use. In particular, the Agency mentioned distributors and consultants who were authorized by the company to promote Young Living essential oils as an effective treatment against these health issues.

And not only that. The company does not use certified organic ingredients but possesses several farms where plants are grown. A positive point I would like to stress is that the company carries out tests for quality, the results of which are verified by an independent laboratory. Look at this Young Living Compare Filled Keychain Kit that contains the oils of peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and lemon. The product is GC/MS tested and is advertised as a therapeutic grade essential oil kit.

11. Radha Brand of Essential Oils

Radha Beauty Aromatherapy Essential Oil: photo

For about four years, Radha Beauty has been manufacturing skin care products including essential oils and diffusers. While the company says that it has launched a new organic skincare line, it does not use certified organic ingredients. Nor there any information about laboratory testing of Radha products. The company does not employ any extraction techniques as it imports essential oils from outside the USA and bottles them.

Nevertheless, some of Radha oils are highly rated by customers. For example, this Radha Beauty Aromatherapy Essential Oil Gift Set has nearly 13,000 customer reviews. The competitive advantage of this set is the low price. For some $20, you get eight bottles of the most popular essential oils including those of eucalyptus and lavender.

12. Nature’s Truth Brand of Essential Oils

Nature's Truth Aromatherapy Calming Essential Oil: photo

Nature’s Truth is a New York-based company that specializes in aromatherapy products ranging from essential oils and diffusers to body lotions and massage creams. Its experts apply a distillation method to extract oils from flowers, roots, and wood, using only all-natural ingredients. Take a look at Nature’s Truth Aromatherapy Calming Essential Oil, which is a blend of soothing oils that will help you relax.

The company cooperates with suppliers from all over the world, who are thoroughly checked for qualification to be sure that the raw materials are of the highest quality. In addition, all ingredients are tested to ensure that they are non-GMO and pure. More importantly, the company’s technicians use GC-MS testing, which allows them to identify all the components in a sample and see whether it meets Nature’s Truth quality standards.

13. Healing Solutions Brand of Essential Oils

Healing Solutions Best Blends Essential Oil Set: photo

What impresses me about this brand is a broad range of essential oils, both single and blends. Healing Solutions produces more than 170 oils from the ingredients that are supplied from all over the world. The company deals only with renowned suppliers but sells the products at reasonable prices. Another strong point of this brand is that the company sells directly to the consumer. Healing Solutions claims that it strikes the right balance: larger companies drive up prices to make up for their marketing spending, while smaller ones offer a poor choice. This brand has both affordable prices and a wide range of various essential oils. Consider this Healing Solutions Best Blends Essential Oil Set under $20. The set includes 6 bottles of therapeutic oils that will help you relieve stress and improve your sleep.

However, this brand has weak points as well. The major one lies in the fact that the company does not use certified organic ingredients, nor does it conduct its own tests for oils’ quality and purity. This does not mean that there is no quality control, though. Healing Solutions outsources testing to an independent laboratory, so you can trust its products. Another plus is that its steam distillation plant is registered by the FDA and meets ISO requirements.

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