Best Essential Oil Car Diffusers | 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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What is the best essential oil car diffuser? We recommend you to try a model of the plug-in type. This is the most popular option and there are reasons for that. First, such diffusers are more convenient as you do not have to charge batteries or mess with refill pads. Also, these models typically come with extra beneficial features, such as LED lighting, which reinforces the calming effect of essential oils. When buying your car diffuser, makes sure that it has at least two modes of operation and LED lights. We believe that InnoGear Car Air Refresher fits these criteria best.

Why have we chosen it? Powered from a USB port, the unit is easy to set up and use. It comes with a large display with LED lighting changing 7 colors. Since the diffuser is made in the shape of a cup, you can place it in a cup holder for more comfort. There are two modes of operation — continuous or intermittent — so that you could select the one you need. The auto shut off feature turns the device off when it runs out of the water, which makes it safe and longer-lasting. This is a great option for confined spaces, producing wonderful tranquilizing scents.

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

What Is an Essential Oil Car Diffuser?

Aromatherapy is not just for your home or office, use it wherever you spend a decent portion of your life. And many of us spend hours driving a car. As a rule, oil car diffusers come with several working modes and are powered from a USB port or batteries. Some models have multiple light options and are multifunctional, which is particularly good for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. So you can use the device not just as a diffuser but also as a car humidifier or an air freshener.

There are 3 major types of essential oil car diffusers:

  • Vent clips are placed on the vehicle’s air vents. This is the most durable option but less effective than others. Vent clips come either with containers that need to be refilled with oils or pads that you saturate with the scented liquid. You may try this Awpeye Car Essential Oil Diffuser that comes with more than 40 refill pads.
  • Plug-in oil car diffusers are becoming more and more in demand. Such a device can be connected to a cigarette lighter or USB port and typically offer some extra features. An illustrative example is InnoGear Car Air Refresher that comes with LED lights and alternating colors.
  • Battery-run models, like EMGOD Car Aroma Diffuser with a rechargeable battery, have the advantage of being more portable. You do not have to keep them plugged and can use anywhere you want. On the other hand, these aroma diffusers have an essential downside — you will have to charge them from time to time.

Why Do You Need an Essential Oil Car Diffuser?

You might be surprised to learn how many benefits oil car diffusers have. Now, let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Reduces the driver’s stress. Needless to say how stressful it can be to drive a car. Apart from minor road and parking incidents, some people feel uncomfortable because of their movements being restricted by limited space for a long time. And this is where essential oils come in handy. Their vapors deliver relaxation to the driver and passengers, reducing stress.
    I would particularly recommend using lavender oil for this purpose, which is known for its strong calming effect and the ability to relieve anxiety. Actually, there is no magic to it. According to researchers from the University of Montana, lavender oils contain linalyl acetate, a phytochemical capable of lowering blood pressure and heart rate, which helps to relieve stress.
  • Helps you enjoy other people’s company. Essential oils have a very strong odor that can neutralize offensive smells from other people. You know, some passengers sweat a lot while others love eating garlic and onion… Using a diffuser will allow you to solve the problem without insulting your passengers.
  • Relieves motion sickness. People sitting in the vehicle’s back seat may get carsick and this is especially so for long traveling by car. This happens when the passenger’s ear, eyes, and body send different signals to the brain: whereas the body feels the movement, the eyes do not see it because the person sits in the back seat. Since motion sickness is usually associated with such symptoms as the feeling of uneasiness, dizziness, and nausea, this is quite an unpleasant experience. In this situation, an oil car diffuser can help and rid your passengers of these sensations of discomfort. Researchers have revealed that blends containing lemon and peppermint are particularly useful for motion sickness.
  • Improves air quality in the car. Even with the car window closed, you can breathe in polluted air from the outside of the car. Pollutants adversely affect your health while essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, minimize this negative impact. The thing is that its particles attach to the particles of carbon dioxide, making them less harmful.
  • Help you stay awake on the road. When traveling long distances or after a sleepless night, you can find yourself drowsy while driving. This is fraught with dire consequences, which is why it will be wise to take extra measures to stay awake while driving. An oil car diffuser is one of the effective ways to combat drowsy driving. For this purpose, use blends that include basil, rosemary, and lemon to keep your mind alert.

Essential Oil Car Diffuser Reviews

Below, you will find a review of the 3 TOP PICKS oil car diffusers under $20. All they are powered from a USB port, have the LED lighting and the auto shut-off feature. They differ in design, noise level, operating time, and some other features.

InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Air Refresher

InnoGear Car Essential Oil Air Refresher: photoBest Essential Oil Car Diffusers | 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s GuideI would like to highlight the two most significant advantages of this model — convenience and an amazing LED lighting feature. As for the former, I like that the device is made in the shape of a cup so that you could place it in a cup holder. The package includes a USB cable, so you just plug it in the car and that’s it! In addition to portability, the product has another strong point — LED lighting with different colors. The display with 7 alternating colors soothes the nerves in addition to the tranquilizing effect of essential oils.

You can choose between the two modes, depending on whether you want the device to operate continuously or intermittently. Also, I like the feature of auto shut off, which turns the car diffuser off automatically when it runs out of water. This makes the product more durable and safer. By the way, the water tank capacity is just 50 ml, so if you are going to use the car diffuser frequently, you will have to change the water quite often. More than half of the purchasers have given the product five stars, noting that this is a great option for small spaces. Apart from that, they like the scent it disperses and how easy it is to use.

YJY Car Diffuser for Essential Oils

YJY Car Diffuser for Essential Oils: photoBest Essential Oil Car Diffusers | 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s GuideThe strong point of this model is that it is cannot be clogged, so you can use as much essential oil as you want. Based on ultrasonic technology, the device is powered from a USB port and is easily activated by pressing the button. I know people who are annoying by extraneous sounds in their private space, so this product property may be important for some users. Besides, this car diffuser is very lightweight. With a weight of just 8 ounces, it measures 5 x 3 inches in size.

Since the product also functions as a humidifier, it will be helpful for those who suffer from a dry cough or dry skin issues. Also, the water droplets will absorb dust in the air, making the latter cleaner and healthier. On top of that, the oxygen ions will beneficially affect your lungs, allowing for easier breathing. Customers rate this oil car diffuser highly, noting that it is very easy to set up and works great in the car. One of the purchasers says that this thing has chased two tiny spiders away from her car.

Vyaime USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser

Vyaime Car Essential Oil Diffuser: photoBest Essential Oil Car Diffusers | 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s GuideThis is another option that works approximately the same way and comes at the same price as the two above-described products. However, it has some distinctions. First and foremost, this diffuser has a sleek design and will perfectly fit the interior of a high-end car. Also, it works for a longer time — up to 7 hours or 5 hours of continuous operation. You can turn on or off its colorful lights, which emit a wonderful glow with changing colors. And it is easy to use as the device can be powered from a USB port, from your PC or a mobile phone charger.

When compared to the other models in this review, this diffuser has a higher capacity and can contain 200 ml of water. It comes with a sponge wick filter that is designed to absorb the water. To activate the device, you do not need to press any buttons, just touch it and the diffuser will be turned on. If you want to make it operate in an intermittent mode, touch the button twice. Over 70% of the buyers have given this product five stars. They say that the unit gives a very pleasant aroma but not too strong.

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