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What is the best essential oil diffuser for large space? First, you should choose a model from a company that specializes in aromatherapy products and has a wide array of choices. The best option should have a large capacity, that means more than 500 ml of water and a running time of no less than 10 hours. Another essential criterion is the possibility to change settings. Large diffusers should have a timer and several operation modes so that you could select the most comfortable setting taking into account the size of your space. Illumination is also important as it enhances the beneficial impact of essential oils and can simply function as lighting. We believe that the URPOWER 1000ml Diffuser fits these criteria best.

Why have we chosen it? The brand URPower is well-established, with a wide range of diffusers and humidifiers being offered by the company. This model is high-capacity as it holds up to 1000 ml of water and can operate for 20 hours. The device has a user-friendly timer with three options as well as two output modes. Another beneficial feature is an auto-stop one that is activated when the unit does not have enough water. You can also enjoy lighting which has seven changing colors. A remote control console makes this model particularly convenient as you can control it even at a 16-foot distance.

Diffusers are a safer option than candles and can be a great non-chemical alternative to air fresheners. When turned on, these devices automatically dissipate scents that are very strong and have a tranquilizing or invigorating effect. Still, it is not that easy to pick a model that will suit your needs, especially if the unit has to cover a large area. Most highly-rated oil diffusers are intended for small spaces, so do not be surprised if some of the models that cover large areas are not among the most popular items.

Pros & Cons of an Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Space

To begin with, let’s consider all the pros and cons of this option.


  • They offer more options for customization so that you could use them not only in large rooms but also in small ones.
  • They typically come with large containers, meaning you will have to change water less frequently.
  • As a rule, these devices are made from more robust and durable materials.
  • Larger diffusers typically can also function as humidifiers.


  • Since such diffusers are bigger in size, they can be less appealing visually and too bulky.
  • Higher output is likely to result in a higher level of humidity in your room. This isn’t bad in itself but you should take the issue of excessive moisture in consideration before making a decision on whether to buy such devices.

What Oil Diffusers Are There?

There are four options: ultrasonic devices, nebulizers, heat, and evaporation models. Since ultrasonic ones are the best option for large rooms, I will focus on this type.

These devices emit ultrasonic waves which create a mist. Apart from the fact that there are models that are specially designed for large spaces, there are some other reasons for choosing ultrasonic diffuser. First, they require less oil than nebulizers — up to six drops. Secondly, since ultrasonic models include a water tank, they also perform the role of a humidifier. This is especially the case with high-capacity oil diffusers intended for large rooms.

The major downside to such diffusers is related to their maintenance as you will need to clean them more often since most of the models are plastic. Also, you will have to bother with adding water and check its level to make sure that the unit functions well. And finally, these devices emit a weaker scent when compared to nebulizing models and can add excessive moisture to your room.

Nebulizers use vacuum and pressure to manipulate the airflow and essential oils. The main advantages of these devices lie in that they produce strong smells and are mostly manufactured from natural materials — wood and glass. Heat options employ heat to make the oils evaporate. They are good for small spaces but carry a fire risk. Evaporation models have a fan and filter with essential oils. In this case, the scent is diffused unevenly and cannot cover large areas.

Which Essential Oil Diffuser You Should Choose for Large Spaces?

By simply choosing an ultrasonic model you will not necessarily get the right product. So let’s take a look at the things you need to take into account when buying your diffuser.

  • Coverage. This is perhaps the major factor determining the device’s efficiency for large spaces. While most popular models can cover no more than two hundred square feet, you should look for a more powerful option. Depending on whether you want to purchase a device for your living room or larger premises, such a store or a warehouse, you should opt for an item with coverage ranging from 300 to 500 square feet.
  • Water Capacity. A water tank is a container in which you need to pour water and put some drops of essential oils. The small-sized tanks have a capacity of no more than 100ml, while the models for large areas can hold more than 500ml of water at a time. Some models, such as BlueHills Premium Diffuser, include a 2000-ml water tank. Why is it important? The more area the device covers, the more scent is released. And the more scent is released, the more water is used. An added benefit of high-capacity water tanks is that you will not have to refill too often, with some models lasting up to ten hours.
  • Auto Stop Feature. This is a very helpful function for large-sized diffusers, which makes them more cost-efficient and safer. This means that when the unit is low on water, it turns off in automatic mode.
  • Different Settings. There are models that allow you to adjust the output depending on your needs. In some cases, you will want the device to emit more vapors, but in other cases, a less intense aroma will be more preferable for you. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? A significant portion of high-capacity diffusers come with a timer. For example, BZseed Diffuser includes a timer that can be set for 1, 3 or 6 hours of continuous operation.

Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Large Space

Below, you will find the two most reliable products for about $30. The first one comes with many features, is more lightweight, and includes a remote control console. The second one has the advantage of having a higher water capacity — up to 2000 ml — and boasts noiseless operation.

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser: photo

I could tell you a few good reasons for this product being placed on the top of our list. First, it is a trusted brand, which is important today when there is an ocean of cheap low-quality models on the market. URPower focuses on products for home and garden as well as consumer electronics. The company offers a number of diffusers of distinct capacities and designs, along with humidifiers that can hold as much as 5 liters of water.

Another reason for purchasing it is high capacity. You can pour up to 1000 ml of water in the container and let it operate for 20 hours without worrying about refilling it. But what’s if you do not need the device to run for such a long time? And that’s where the multiple beneficial features of the product come in handy. Where do I begin? Well, the unit has a user-friendly timer for 3, 6 and 9 hours, so that depending on the time of day you could select the preferable setting.

Secondly, you can adjust the output by choosing one of the two modes — low or high intensity. This will also affect the operation time of the device as it can work no more than 15 hours in a high-intensity mode. There will be no harm if you forget to add enough water to the tank as the product has an auto stop feature in the event there is no water in the container. Besides, the unit features seven lights, including a nice night light option. And finally, this device is convenient in use and can be easily controlled through a remote control that operates at a distance of more than 16 feet.

Exqline Large Essential Oil Diffuser, 1500ml

Exqline Large Essential Oil Diffuser: photo

This item has a higher capacity — up to 1500ml — and this is where its advantages over the above-described model end. Exqline diffuser isn’t so feature-packed and is heavier. Like the URPower model, it can run up to 20 hours, covering an area of 450 square feet. With this unit, you will also be able to enjoy multicolor lighting and silent operation. So feel free to leave it on overnight, the device will not bother you.

You can trust this product as Exqline is a reliable brand registered both in the United States and the EU. The company was established almost 10 years ago and now has a network of distributors all over the world. Exqline offers diffusers of different sizes as well as aromatherapy jewelry and candles. Purchasers like this model and about 80% of Amazon customers gave the product five stars. What they like most of all is the ease of use and the low level of noise — less than 35 dB of noise. Many customers use this item as a humidifier as well.

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