TOP-10 Best MCT Oils For Weight Loss | 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Tips From The Pro

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What is the best MCT oil? First, choose a supplement from a reputable brand, which is well known on the market of nutritional supplements. Secondly, make sure that it is sourced from organic coconut and is 100% natural. You will not want an MCT oil with artificial additives and flavors as they may cause side effects and are not healthy. When choosing between powdered, liquid MCTs and pills, consider your lifestyle. If you travel often enough, pills could be the best option. The advantage of liquid MCTs is that they can be easily added to meals, not only beverages. We believe that Top-Grade USDA Organic MCT Oil meets these criteria best.

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Why have we chosen it? This is a branded MCT oil produced by Viva Naturals. The company uses only certified organic and premium quality ingredients. Tested by an independent lab, the product is free of GMOs, cholesterol, and artificial additives. The active ingredients are caprylic and capric acids, which are digested quickly by your body and are immediately converted into fats. The product is great for a low-calorie diet as one serving contains only 50 calories and 1 gram of sugar. You can add this supplement to your favorite beverages and meals as it has no taste.

What is MCT Oil?

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is one of the popular nutritional supplements. This type of oil is obtained from coconut oil and has many useful properties. The major one is its ability to stimulate calorie burning and weight loss. Unlike long-chain fatty acids contained in the milk we consume, MCTs are digested by the body much easier. Namely, the body does not spend energy to absorb and store them. Nor do MCTs need to be modified when diffused from the gastrointestinal tract.

Why take MCT supplements? This is an excellent source of energy for the body, which makes it beneficial not only for those who want to burn calories. If you regularly do workouts, MCTs will help you improve your performance. Also, these supplements in combination with low-fat diets are often recommended for people who suffer diseases associated with poor absorption.

MCT oil for weight loss

Does MCT Oil help you burn fat? Studies show that yes, they do. Research carried out by Canadian scientists has shown that MCT consumption leads to the rise in fat oxidation and decreased body weight. The thing is that the faster rate of fat oxidation results in greater energy expenditure. And the more energy our body spends, the more calories it burns.

Scientists at McGill University who study the role of MCTs in obesity prevention, have found out that taking such supplements can decrease the size of fat depots and slow down body weight gain. When your body uses this oil as a quick energy source, it does not store fat as an energy reserve. However, they highlight that it is necessary to take MCTs for some time to start losing weight.

Besides, MCT oil can suppress your appetite. This supplement stimulates the spread of hormones that make you feel full — leptin and peptide YY. The latter has a double effect. Peptide YY acts on certain brain receptors, reducing appetite, and influences your stomach, slowing down the movement of food. Another hormone, leptin, plays an essential role in appetite control. When leptin levels increase, your appetite drops. A group of scientists from New York has conducted a study showing that taking MCT supplements results in an increase in peptide YY and leptin, significantly reducing appetite.

Is MCT Oil The Same As Coconut Oil?

MCTs naturally occur in coconut oil and need to be extracted from it. Coconut oil is a bit different as it contains a range of fatty acids, not only medium-chain triglycerides. Both these products, coconut and MCTs, are rich in saturated fat, meaning the greater load on your liver. However, MCT oil has an advantage over coconut one in that it is better digestible. MCTs go to the liver easier and faster, while coconut oil is digested longer because of the lauric acid.

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Whereas coconut oil is obtained from the fruit, MCT oil is produced from coconut oil, by means of refining. As a result, MCTs turn out to be highly concentrated. They contain up to 80% of caprylic acid and up to 50% of caproic acid. These two products also differ in their application. Coconut oil is generally used in cooking and skincare, while MCT oils mainly come in the form of supplements. You can add MCTs to your smoothie or coffee to boost energy and stimulate calorie burning.

Benefits And Effectiveness Of Using MCT Oil

There are several reasons for taking these supplements. Generally speaking, they will keep you energized and slimmer. Now, let’s take a closer look at the major benefits.

  • Great weight loss solution. As I have mentioned before, this is an effective way to shed extra pounds. A couple of tablespoons of MCT oil will make you feel fuller, encourage your body to burn more calories and keep it from storing fat. In addition, MCTs ensure the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut, something that will also contribute to weight loss.
  • Preferred source of energy. Compared with longer-chain fats, MCTs are absorbed easier in your body and do not even need bile. Nor do they need to break down to be absorbed by the cells. For this reason, your body perceives MCT oils as a quick energy source. That is why such supplements are recommended for those who regularly do workouts and bodybuilders. This is a scientifically-backed claim. For example, a study conducted by European scientists has confirmed that MCTs play an essential role in energy metabolism. Besides, they reduce the lactate level in the blood, which occurs due to the lack of oxygen in tissues.
  • Helpful for people suffering epilepsy and autism. According to scientific studies, the MCT capric acid helps to manage epileptic seizures better than special-purpose medication does. It blocks by blocking relevant receptors in the brain. Also, adding MCTs to a diet has a positive impact on the behavior of children with autism.
  • Reduces the growth of harmful bacteria. So a study examining Malassezia skin infections has revealed that MCTs are toxic for this species of yeast and are recommended for the prevention of systemic Malassezia infections.
  • Lowers the risk of cardiac disease. Taking MCT oil can dramatically reduce the cholesterol level — by more than 10%. As you might know, cholesterol is one of the risk factors of cardiac disease. At the same time, these supplements encourage your body to produce more so-called good cholesterol, lowering the risk of thrombosis.
  • Keeps your sugar levels low. This makes MCT oil particularly useful for people with diabetes. As experts from the University of Colorado have found out, MCT supplements are able to improve glucose metabolism in people with diabetes.

How To Use MCT Oil Correctly

Let’s start with the fact that cooking is not where MCTs can be applied. You should not heat this oil, just consume it as it is. The only option you have is to add the oils to drinks, desserts or salads, so I am going to share some recipes with you.

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The recommended dosage varies. The lowest dose is a half tablespoon while the maximum dosage can reach three tablespoons at a time. We suggest that you should begin with just a half tablespoon to see whether your stomach is comfortable with that. Then, you may slowly increase the amount of this oil in your diet. But keep in mind that while MCTs are a great tool for weight loss, they are rich in calories. Three tablespoons of this stuff will give you as many as 300 calories. Pretty much, isn’t it?

You can blend it into a smoothie. Mix one cup of spinach, two teaspoons of chopped ginger and half-cup of water in a blender until smooth. Then, put an apple and a cucumber into the mixture and blend it again. After that, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of MCT oil and blend the solution. Keep this amazing refreshing smoothie in a refrigerator.

One of the popular recipes among keto enthusiasts is coffee with MCT. Know, it sounds strange, but you will need to add butter to your coffee. So first things first. The major mistake you can make is just to stir butter, coffee and MCTs. In this case, you will get a very oily drink. To avoid this and make your coffee creamy like a latte, mix the ingredients thoroughly until smooth using a blender. As for ingredients, you will need one teaspoon of butter and one teaspoon of MCT oil. You can also add sugar-free almond milk to make your coffee more creamy.

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Types Of MCT Oil Supplement

  • Caproic Acid (C6) is often removed from MCT supplements because of its unappealing flavor. However, this acid is metabolized fast and immediately becomes a source of energy for your body.
  • Caprylic Acid (C8). This type of MCT is considered to be best for a keto diet. It quickly turns into energy for the cells and produces a lot of ketones — organic compounds produced by your liver from fats and then used by our muscles as fuel.

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  • Capric Acid (C10) is absorbed a little bit slower than C8 but is still highly digestible. Another advantage of this type is that the products containing C10 are more budget-friendly.

C8 and C10 Blend from Organic Coconuts: photoTOP-10 Best MCT Oils For Weight Loss | 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Tips From The Pro

  • Lauric Acid (C12) is not actually an MCT but is long-chain triglyceride (LCT). The problem with this acid is that it does not instantly convert into energy. Nor does it have an antimicrobial effect that C6, C10, and C10 have.

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  • C-14 are also long-chain fatty acids that have all the disadvantages mentioned in the description of the previous type. They all are abundant in coconut oil and other oils.

Is there an MCT powder? Yes. Some products come in the form of powder. In addition to MCT oil, such powders may include dehydrated butter and other ingredients. MCT powder is intended to be added to drinks like coffee. The advantage of using powder lies in the lack of flavor and mixability. In other words, if you do not want to change the flavor of your drink, powdered MCT is exactly what you need. Besides, MCT oil is more concentrated than MCT powder.

Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Oil: photo

MCT Oil For Keto

I have already mentioned a keto diet, but why is it that important? It is a ketogenic (keto) diet that made MCT oil so popular. MCTs allow keto enthusiasts to follow their diet, even when they consume more carbs then they should.

As a reference, the ketogenic diet includes high-fat and low-carb food. This encourages your body to use fats rather than carbs as fuel. When your body lacks carbs, your liver switches to the other source — a sort of plan B for your body — converting fats into ketones and fatty acids. Since MCTs are also converted into ketones, they help to keep you in the state of ketosis. This is a condition when your body breaks down fat stores to produce energy and is high in ketones.

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What Do Buyers Say?

Check out this video by Kimonica, a girl who has been taking MCT supplements for about a month and decided to share her experience with the audience.

Another Youtuber, Chris, claims that he has noticed a huge change in his body after he started taking MCTs.

Trusted Brands. Which Brand Of MCT Oil Is The Best?

There are lots of brands on the market, but not all of them can be trusted. So let’s take a look at the most reputable ones. All the manufacturers I will mention are based in the USA and make only high-quality products. The first one, Sports Research, is a well-known American brand established in 1980. It offers health supplements, both organic and non-organic. If you look for a brand that has only sustainable products, opt for Viva Naturals. The company specializes in organic food, supplements, and beauty products.

Nature’s Way is another trusted manufacturer, which has been operating on the market for half a century. It has a wide range of products, including oils, probiotics, herbs, and vitamins. Now Sports is another brand with a long history, dating to the late 1960s. It produces supplements, sports nutrition, beauty and health products. Quest Nutrition has been making supplements for about a decade and enjoys positive feedback from professionals. The same applies to Onnit, which was founded in 2010 and now works with athletes and medical professionals.

TOP-10 Best MCT Oil Review

Below, you will find a review of the TOP-10 best MCT oils from $10 to $35. The main ingredients of these products are caprylic and capric acids, but some oils include lauric acid and other ingredients. All the products are unflavored and can be safely added to beverages and meals. This review covers MCT oils not only in a liquid form but also in powder and capsules.

1. Top-Grade USDA Organic MCT Oil | Best MCT Oil Overall

Viva Naturals Organic MCT Oil: photo

If you want a truly healthy MCT oil, choose an organic one. This oil is derived from organic coconuts and is free of GMOs, conservatives and artificial additives. Moreover, each product is tested by an independent laboratory so that customers could be sure of its purity and quality. One serving contains only 50 calories and 1 gram of sugar. The active ingredients are caprylic and capric acids, with 2 grams of each in one serving. The product does not contain cholesterol or trans fats, so it is absolutely healthy. Another advantage if this option is that it is almost tasteless and odorless. You can safely add it to any drink you like, without compromising its flavor.

It is manufactured by a trusted American brand — Viva Naturals. The company produces organic food, supplements, beauty products, and essential oils. All the ingredients they use are certified organic and natural, and originate from the regions known for the quality of these products. The company also runs a blog with recipes and other useful information. The supplement has about 4,000 ratings, with mostly positive customer feedback.

2. Sports Research Premium MCT Oil | Best Non-GMO MCT Oil

Sports Research Premium MCT Oil: photo

This is another unflavored and natural supplement that you can add to salads or coffee. It contains the whole spectrum of medium-chain triglycerides and lauric acid. Tested by a third party, this product is of high quality and is sourced from only non-GMO coconut oil.

Sports Research is a well-known brand in the USA and you might have seen it in reviews on Youtube. Founded in 1980, the company has become known for its health supplements. It uses only premium ingredients from around the world and gets all the necessary certifications. No wonder that this product is so popular, with more than 80% of customers giving it five stars. They say that this oil is easy-to-swallow, blends well, and has no flavor.

3. Nature’s Way 100% Potency MCT Oil | Best MCT For Vegetarians

Nature's Way 100% Potency MCT Oil: photo

This supplement is very potent as one serving contains as many as 14 grams of MCTs, both caprylic acid and capric acid. Like the previous products, it is free of fillers, palm oil, and GMOs. Nor does it has any odor or flavor. Just mix one tablespoon of the oil with a coffee, smoothie or any other beverage. As for the brand, Nature’s Way is a reputable manufacturer, which is celebrating its 50-year anniversary this year. The company has a wide range of products for men’s and women’s health, including oils, probiotics, herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

This product is particularly popular among customers who follow a ketogenic or vegetarian diet. Buyers are happy with this MCT oil but suggest starting slow, with just one teaspoon, to avoid stomach upset and other side effects. One buyer says that she adds it to her coffee and has already lost 4 pounds of weight, with her energy levels soaring.

4. Clean MCT Oil: 100% Pure C8 Caprylic Acid | Best C8 MCT Oil

Clean MCT Oil: 100% Pure C8 Caprylic Acid: photo

This product is a little bit pricier than others but it is worth the price. Why? It is based solely on caprylic acid (C8), which is the most easily digestible of all types of MCTs. The product is a great option for those who are on a keto diet and will keep your energy levels high. The supplement will also cut your sugar cravings and decrease appetite, so it will help you a lot with weight management. It comes without gluten, GMOs, lactose and palm oil. Only high-quality ingredients! This MCT is tasteless and odorless, something that allows you to incorporate it into your favorite beverages and foods.

One bottle contains about 64 servings and will last two months, given you take one tablespoon twice a day. The product quality is confirmed by laboratory tests. LevelUp is a Florida-based company that offers MCT oils in the form of liquid, capsules, and powder. Apart from that, it sells protein and BCAA supplements. This MCT oil is highly popular, with 82% of customers giving it five stars.

5. Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Oil | Best MCT Oil Powder

Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Oil: photo

If you opt for a powdered solution, I recommend you to try this product. This powder is very soft, creamy and mixes well. You can blend it into your coffee, milkshake or other beverage, without changing the flavor of your favorite drink. One serving contains 70 calories, including 7 grams of saturated fats. It has zero proteins, carbs, and sugars. The supplement boasts over 3,900 ratings and is appreciated by customers for the quality of its ingredients and ease of use.

This product is made by Quest Nutrition, an American company that has been engaged in the supplement production for about a decade. Its product line ranges from chips to pizza and is trusted by professionals. The company offers protein and other supplements with zero or minimum carbs and sugars as well as low-calorie sweeteners. The fibers used in the products are extracted only from FDA-approved sources.

6. Now Sports Nutrition | Best Thermogenic MCT Oil

Now Sports Nutrition: photo

If you want to slim down within a short period of time, choose this MCT supplement. Formulated specifically for weight management, it is the best thermogenic MCT oil. The active ingredients are capric and caprylic acids, with one serving containing only 25 calories and 3 grams of saturated fat. It is free of gluten, soy, and yeast, and is tested for banned substances. The testing results are published only, so if you are an athlete and need to follow anti-doping rules, you can safely take this supplement.

The brand Now Sports is well-known on the market. The company was established in the late 1960s and today, its product range includes all kinds of supplements, sports nutrition, beauty and health products. Customers say this MCT oil is a great product and will help anyone who is on a diet.

7. Organic MCT Oil For Keto Diet | Best MCT For Coffee And Shakes

Organic MCT Oil For Keto Diet: photo

Why did 91% of customers give this MCT oil five stars? It is very easy to swallow, easy to use and has absolutely no taste. I recommend mixing this stuff with milkshakes, smoothies, and coffee as well as drizzling it on salads and vegetables. This product is extracted from fresh and organic coconut and has no artificial fillers or flavors. All batches are lab-tested and verified for quality. This supplement is also a budget-friendly option as you get 16 ounces of pure MCT oil for about $12. The weak side of this product is the number of calories in one serving — 130. The active ingredients include mainly caprylic acid (7.3 grams), capric acid (5 grams), and a little bit of lauric acid (less than one gram). This is also a downside as lauric acid makes the supplement less digestible.

8. Onnit MCT Oil | Best MCT For Keto

Onnit MCT Oil: photo

A combination of two types of MCTs — caprylic and capric acids — makes this product a good choice for those who are on a keto diet. These fats are quickly converted into ketones, fueling your brain and body. This oil is organic and has no additives or artificial flavors. Nor does it contain palm oil. Like the previous item, this one also contains lauric acid, but in a higher concentration amounting to 3.8 grams. The product has received mainly positive customer feedback. Buyers like its flavor and blendability but think that it is a bit too expensive to pay $25 for a 24-ounce MCT oil.

The brand Onnit is trusted and has been on the market of nutritional supplements since 2010. Today, the company works with worldwide famous athletes and medical professionals, carrying out research and developing new innovative products.

9. Pure MCT Oil Capsules | Best Pure MCT Softgels

Pure MCT Oil Capsules: photo

If you are often on the go, taking pills can be a more convenient option for you. This bottle comes with 360 capsules of MCTs, both caprylic and capric acids. Apart from that, there are gelatine, glycerine, and water. All the ingredients are natural and GMO-free. You will not need a scoop, spoon or blender. All you need to do is to drop a couple of capsules into your coffee or other beverage, and that’s it! One serving amounts to 3 softgels and contains as little as 25 calories. One of the buyers claims that this product is great for traveling. The capsules are convenient while the quality of MCTs is incredible. He takes this supplement to combat hunger and get extra healthy fat.

10. Sports Research Organic MCT Oil | Best Organic Coconut MCT Oil

Sports Research Organic MCT Oil: photo

This is another product from the Sports Research brand, the major advantage of which is that it is USDA certified organic. Obtained from organic coconuts, this product consists of two main MCTs, caprylic and capric acids. It was tested and certified by a third party, so you should have no doubts about its quality and sustainability. The company applies heat technology to process the oil, meaning it does use solvents in the production. Customers are positive about this MCT oil and say that it made a big difference in their lives. One buyer, Michelle, applies it on her face and claims that people say that now she looks 15 years younger.

10 Best MCT Oils For Weight Loss Comparative Table


Does MCT oil really work?
Yes, it works. Various scientific studies have confirmed that MCTs can help people shed extra pounds, boost their energy levels, and improve digestion.

How does MCT affect your health? Is it safe?
This is a great supplement, which is recommended for both healthy people and those with cardiac issues or epilepsy. However, MCTs may harm people who suffer diabetes as they can cause ketone build-up in the blood.

Does MCT oil put you in ketosis?
Yes, it does. That is why MCT supplements are recommended for those who are on a keto diet.

Is MCT oil thermogenic?
Its thermogenic effect is not studied enough, but there is enough evidence that MCTs force your body to burn more calories.

Can MCT oil make you gain weight?
In the case of overuse, yes, you may gain weight. This is because these supplements are generally rich in calories and fats, so you should keep a sense of proportion.

Coconut oil vs. MCT oil
Coconut oil is great for cooking and skincare while MCT oil is an effective tool for weight management and boosting your energy.

What is bulletproof coffee? How much MCT is in bulletproof coffee?
This is a drink that includes brewed coffee, unsalted butter, and MCTs. Bulletproof coffee becomes increasingly popular with people who follow a keto diet. One teaspoon of MCTs is generally enough for a good bulletproof coffee.

What is the difference between C8 and C10 MCT oil?
Both acids are highly digestible, but C10 is absorbed a bit slower and, therefore, less effective. For this reason, products based on C8 are typically pricier than those containing both types of acids.

Can I take MCT oil on an empty stomach?
If you are new to this kind of supplement, I would not recommend doing this as you may feel some discomfort. That said, some people take MCTs on an empty stomach to relieve gut irritation.

How many calories are in MCT?
It depends on the specific product. Some supplements have just 25 calories while others contain as much as 130 calories. Check the label.

Post-workout or pre-workout. When should you take an MCT supplement?
You can take it about 30 minutes before workouts to fuel your muscles and keep you energized. One tablespoon of the supplement will be enough for a start. If you are a bodybuilder, take MCTs after workouts. These supplements can be beneficial to those who gain muscle mass by increasing the insulin spike.

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