TOP-10 Best Natural Fat Burners | 2020 Impressive Buyer’s Guide

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What is the best natural fat burner? Look for a supplement containing a blend of potent ingredients. If you are not sensitive to caffeine and do not have heart issues, choose a fat burner containing caffeine. The efficacy of this ingredient has been confirmed by multiple tests. In addition, caffeine not only forces your body to burn more fat but also effectively curbs appetite. Another factor to consider is whether it is a branded product. Make sure that the company has been operating on the market for a long time and has a wide product range. As for the product formulation, we recommend buying pills rather than powders as the former are more convenient and do not contain flavors. We believe that Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner meets these criteria best.

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Why have we chosen it? The fat burner is made by Jacked Factory, a company that produces health and workout supplements based on research-supported ingredients. All its products undergo testing. This fat burner contains only natural ingredients: acetyl l-carnitine HCL, caffeine, green tea, and pepper extracts. One more efficient ingredient is leucine, an amino acid that helps build up muscles. The product comes in easy-to-use capsules and is very convenient. It is great for burning fat and suppressing appetite and is one of the best sellers on the market.

What Are Natural Fat Burners?

We have got used to the idea that natural solutions are generally less potent than chemical ones. While this may be true for detergents and some medications, this is not the case with weight loss supplements. Why? The thing is that natural a variety of natural ingredients have been scientifically proven to be effective for slimming down. More importantly, losing extra pounds naturally is the surest way to stay slim for a longer time.

How do natural fat burners work? They imitate or mildly stimulate some of your body’s natural processes. Generally, such supplements boost metabolism, energy production and reduce hunger, so that your body either burns more calories or receives a smaller amount of them. Chemical compounds act much more aggressively. Let alone the fact that they often have harmful side effects, especially when it comes to stimulants and appetite suppressants. The most notorious ones are sibutramine, phenytoin, phenolphthalein, and rimonabant. The first one, sibutramine, is known for its ability to cause a heart attack, while phenolphthalein increases the risk of cancer.

With this in mind, some manufacturers use these dangerous ingredients without listing them on the labels. The problem with supplements is that they do not require FDA approval, while the agency cannot test every single product on the market. And yet, some harmful weight loss supplements have been revealed by the EPA. You may check out this list of banned products to make sure that you do not buy any of them.

How To Choose A Fat Burner?

I’d like to highlight some important things to consider when purchasing a natural fat burner.

  • Choosing Your Ingredients. The first question you should answer is what kind of ingredient is best for you. Those who want to shed pounds quickly should opt for products based on a blend of potent herbs. If you have heart issues or sleep disorder, avoid using supplements containing caffeine. People with anemia and liver disease should first consult a doctor before taking fat burners based on green tea extracts.
  • Curbing Your Cravings. Some fat burners include appetite suppressants, which can be very helpful if you eat too much or cannot refrain from late-night refrigerator raids. When combined with herbs stimulating your body to burn more extra fat, they can be very efficient.
  • Only Trusted Brands. As I have mentioned above, there is always a risk of buying low-quality supplements or, even worse, products with hidden harmful ingredients. The only way to avoid this is to purchase branded products from well-known companies. Check the manufacturer’s website and whether its customer service is available. Many reliable producers carry out product tests or engage an independent laboratory for this purpose, publishing the results online.
  • Organic or not. Not all natural solutions are certified organic. Organic means that the ingredient was produced without the use of pesticides, artificial chemicals or genetically modified organisms. Clearly, organic fat burners are healthier and the most recommended option. However, organic production increases the cost of ingredients, hence affecting the price of the end product. Not all customers believe that it is worth paying extra money for organic supplements, which is why you can find both options on the market.

Types of Natural Fat Burners

Thermogenic Fat Burners

This type is especially popular among dieters who want to lose extra pounds in a short time. They boost your metabolism and, as a result, increase the internal temperature of your body. You will sweat more, which will also help to remove excess water from your body. At the same time, thermogenic supplements may increase your heart rate and blood pressure. For this reason, people with cardiac issues should not take these fat burners.

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Such fat burners are good at speeding up metabolic rate, allowing your body to burn more calories during rest. As an added benefit, thermogenic ingredients like caffeine also have the ability to reduce appetite. The most common ingredients for these products are caffeine, cayenne pepper, niacin, yohimbine HCl, and theobromine.

Multiple scientific studies have confirmed the efficiency of thermogenic fat burners. For example, researchers from the University of South Florida have conducted tests showing that when taken daily, thermogenic fat loss supplements do increase the body’s overall energy expenditure. Additionally, they have found out that the combination of caffeine and green tea extract provides particularly impressive results.

Non-Stimulant Fat Burners

Since thermogenic fat burners may cause side effects like an accelerated heart rate and blood pressure, and there are a lot of people sensitive to caffeine. For this reason, some manufacturers have come up with another option — stimulant-free fat burners. They promote healthy weight loss without increasing your heart rate.

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Depending on the ingredient, non-stimulant fat burners either suppress fat absorption, help your body to metabolize glucose or transport beneficial fatty acids into body cells. All these methods are a slower but safer way to lose weight. The most effective stimulant-free ingredients are extracts from mango, bitter orange, yohimbine, as well as CLA and L-carnitine, amino acids naturally occurring in the body.

Most Common Fat Burner Ingredients

Now, let’s take a closer look at different ingredients contained in natural fat burners. Typically, these supplements are based on a blend of various ingredients, something that makes them more versatile.

  • Green Tea Extract is actually very powerful as it has two components contributing to weight loss — EGCG and caffeine. While caffeine prompts your body to produce more adrenaline, EGCG inhibits adrenaline breakdown. Studies show that green tea extract can enhance fat burning by more than 15%.

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  • MCT oil is derived from a coconut oil The most effective types of MCT are caprylic and capric acids, also known as C8 and C10. The advantage of MCT is that it is absorbed by your body easily and quickly, and normally are not stored as fats in your body. According to research, taking MCT supplements leads to moderate weight loss — about 2 pounds.

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  • Caffeine is a natural stimulant derived from various plants including coffee, tea, guarana and the like. What makes this ingredient popular is that it really works. It gets your adrenaline up, which results in your fat cells releasing fatty acids in the blood as a source of energy. Researchers have found out that taking one caffeine capsule will result in burning about fifteen calories throughout the day. Besides, this ingredient is a great appetite suppressant.

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  • Green coffee beans are actually raw coffee beans. They chemically differ from the roasted ones and are rich in antioxidants. The extracts from green coffee are often included in fat burners, however, there is no solid evidence that they help to shed extra pounds.

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  • Garcinia Cambogia is an extract from a fruit containing hydroxycitric acid. This compound inactivates enzymes responsible for fat accumulation in the body. Studies show that supplements based on Garcinia Cambogia can help to lose up to 2 pounds of weight.

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  • Yohimbine is an extract from a plant growing in Central Africa. This ingredient has a thermogenic effect and works by stimulating a number of hormones that enhance metabolism.

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  • Raspberry ketones stimulate fat breakdown with the use of a hormone called adiponectin. While this ingredient naturally occurs in raspberries, manufacturers typically produce it synthetically in order to cut costs. So I would not define raspberry ketones found in fat burners as a natural ingredient.

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TOP-10 Best-Rated Natural Fat Burners

Below, you will find a review of the 10 most effective natural fat burners at a price from $20 to $50. Some of them are thermogenic while others are stimulant-free. Their active ingredients vary

1. Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner | Best Natural Fat Burner

Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner: photo

While containing only natural ingredients, this fat burner is highly potent. It was created for weight loss and all its ingredients are effective according to scientific research. These are acetyl l-carnitine HCL, caffeine, extracts from green tea leaves, and pepper extracts. The product also includes leucine, an amino acid that is highly popular among those who want to build up muscles. The fat burner comes in capsules, so you just swallow it. No mess with powders and mixing them with water. Whether you are in the office or on the go, this option is definitely the most convenient one.

One bottle contains 60 capsules, meaning it will serve you for a month or two depending on the dosage. Start with one capsule a day, after which the dosage can be increased up to two capsules twice a day. You should not take the supplement in the evening because caffeine can disrupt sleep. The product has over 11,000 ratings and is highly popular. One customer, Heather, says that she has been taking the supplement for two weeks and is very satisfied with the results. She has already shed 5 pounds and curbed her cravings.

2. NatureWise Thermo Blend Metabolism Booster | Best for Vegan

NatureWise Thermo Blend Metabolism Booster: photo

If you are a vegan, choose this supplement to boost your metabolism and burn extra calories. The list of ingredients includes green tea, ashwagandha, olive leaf, bitter orange, Rhodiola, and some other herbs. However, one of these ingredients deserves special mention here. It is an extract from bitter orange, which can help you slim down but may cause severe side effects. According to Mayo Clinic, extracts from bitter orange can increase blood pressure and heart rate because of synephrine, a chemical contained in this ingredient. Meanwhile, the manufacturer claims that bitter orange extract does not have “any adverse side effects,” which is not true.

More than 60% of customer feedback is positive. Still, buyers recommend starting at half a dose, because otherwise, you may have a stomach upset. One lady says that she does not take the supplement before a meal because she simply cannot eat after that.

3. Nobi Nutrition Premium Fat Burner | Best for Women

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This product was made for women and is good for those who want to lose belly fat fast. The ingredients it includes will both speed up metabolism and reduce appetite. The supplement will stimulate your body to burn fat as fuel and works particularly great for women on a keto diet. It comes in the form of pills, with one bottle containing 60 capsules. The fat burner was lab-tested and made at the FDA-approved facility.

Customers say that with these pills, you can lose up to six pounds. But this supplement is no magic and you will need to work out and stick to a healthy diet to obtain the looked-for result. One buyer says it helped her burn belly fat and she is very happy with that.

4. Dr. Emil PM Fat Burner | Best Nighttime Appetite Suppressant

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Burning fat while sleeping is pretty enticing. And this supplement will help you with that. It was formulated by a doctor who knows his stuff. It is no great surprise that you burn calories while doing exercises and sweating heavily. But shedding pounds while you are at rest or asleep is a different story. Not that I am lazy or avoid physical exercise. The problem with workouts is that not all of use can do them regularly enough or intensively enough to lose weight. This is what makes this option so good.

The supplement is free from stimulants and instead, has a tranquilizing effect. That is why you can safely take it before going to bed. Moreover, the appetite suppressant it includes will save you from late-night cravings. While melatonin improves your sleep, ashwagandha, 5-HTP, and L-Theanine make your body burn more calories.

5. VINTAGE BURN Fat Burner | Best Keto-Friendly

VINTAGE BURN Fat Burner by Old School Labs: photo

If you are a fan of old-school solutions, take a look at this fat burner, which is the first one that was designed not only to stimulate weight loss but also preserve muscles. That is why it is recommended by many athletes. On top of that, this supplement will get your energy levels up and perk up your mood. Tested by a third-party lab, this product includes only high-quality ingredients: caffeine, extracts from green tea, raspberry ketones, and Garcinia Cambogia. It is also free of synthetic additives and preservatives.

With about 9,000 customer reviews, this product seems to be one of the favorite fat burners of many buyers. It is especially popular with customers interested in bodybuilding and low-carb diets. One buyer says that it gives the best results fast and does not have side effects. While this product is more expensive than others on the list, it is cost-efficient as one bottle contains 120 capsules.

6. Herbal Blueprint Slim Drops | Best Liquid Fat Burner

Herbal Blueprint Slim Drops: photo

Made by herbalists, this professional-grade fat burner is made from premium ingredients sourced from reliable suppliers. It is based on a blend of 12 herbs, such as the leaves of mate, hoodia cactus, black walnut, and the fruit of garcinia. The supplement is fully natural, does not contain alcohol and manufactured at an FDA-registered facility in the USA.

The product has only a few ratings so far but all of them are positive. Take half-a-teaspoon of this solution 30 minutes before a meal twice a day and you will see the difference! As one buyer put it, this supplement will trim your waist but not at the expense of the muscles.

7. Cellucor Thermogenic Fat Burner | Best Fat Burner Powder

Cellucor Thermogenic Fat Burner: photo

This is a good example of a thermogenic fat burner. The product includes caffeine (160mg), calcium, and carbs. It is a little bit more expensive than other fat burners on the list as one six-ounce container containing only 30 servings will cost you $30. The supplement comes in powder and is available in different flavors.

The product is manufactured by Cellucor, one of the global leaders in sports nutrition. The company produces protein, testosterone, and weight loss supplements. For those who are often on the go, there are convenient ready-to-drink options. The company’s website features a blog discussing training and nutrition issues.

8. Weight Loss Drops | Best Non-GMO Fat Burner

Weight Loss Drops by Naturelza: photo

The manufacturer promises visible results in a week after you start taking this supplement. The product contains only vegan and non-GMO ingredients that will help you slim down, curb your appetite and detoxify your body. These ingredients are l-carnitine, ginger, Garcinia Cambogia, extracts from green tea and green coffee beans. The weak point of this fat burner is that the brand Naturelza is not well known on the market. The company sells only one product and there is not enough information about its customer service.

That said, this supplement is highly popular, especially for its convenience. One buyer, a mother of six, says that to her surprise, it works for her, given that she has little time for herself. Another purchaser is happy with the product’s appetite-decreasing effect and notes that it helped her stop snacking at night.

9. Dr. Emil Thermogenic Fat Burner | Best Metabolism Booster and Appetite Suppressant

Dr. Emil Thermogenic Fat Burner: photo

In addition to boosting your energy and metabolism, this product also controls your appetite. This is quite a powerful thermogenic supplement that will burn your body fat while maintaining muscles. Although the dosage is pretty high, it will not cause headaches and sleep disorder — the side effects typical for many other fat burners. The ingredients include green tea and green coffee extracts as well as caffeine.

82% of buyers gave this supplement five stars, which is really telling. One customer claims that she has managed to lose 20 pounds thanks to this supplement, without changing her diet and exercise routine. If this is true, I think her success is largely due to the supplement’s ability to suppress appetite.

10. Burn XT Black Thermogenic Fat Burner | Best Thermogenic Fat Burner

Burn XT Black Thermogenic Fat Burner: photo

Jacked Factory is a reliable brand of health and workout supplements, so I can safely recommend this thermogenic fat burner. All products of this company are based on research-supported ingredients and undergo testing. This particular supplement contains teacrine, infinergy, and capsimax.

Capsimax is an extract from the pepper that prompts your body to use fat for energy production. The second ingredient, teacrine, works similarly to caffeine and can effectively increase the level of adrenaline. The third active ingredient is infinergy, which boosts thermogenesis, improving your workout performance. The fourth ingredient is l-carnitine HCI that burns fat by stimulating your body to release fat stores. Customers are positive about it and one of them says that it made her cravings almost “non-existent.”

10 Best Natural Fat Burners Comparative Table


When are fat burners most effective?
If your diet does not help or you lose pounds very slowly, fat burners will speed up weight loss. Some options also help to preserve muscles and are good for people who cannot do workouts regularly enough. However, for better results, you should take supplements along with regular workouts and a healthy diet.

Is it safe to use?
Thermogenic supplements have more adverse effects that generally include diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, accelerated heart rate, sleep disorder, kidney and liver issues. Stay away from fat burners containing drugs as they may harm your health significantly. When buying thermogenic supplements, keep in mind that they can be very harmful to people with heart issues.

How to take a fat burner correctly?
The best time is early in the morning or half an hour before breakfast. The thing is that when you are asleep, your metabolism slows down. Starting your day with a fat burner will energize you for the whole day.

How is fat burner different from weight loss products?
Put it simply, all fat burners are weight loss supplements but not all weight loss supplements are fat burners. There are other options for losing weight, such as supplements reducing fat absorption in your body.

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