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Have you ever experienced a time where you needed the toilet such as camping or a picnic with the family, but there are no toilets to be seen? Then, don’t worry because portable toilets can save you from that uncomfortable feeling. A portable toilet is a nifty item whenever you need to use one, and there is no comfort room anywhere on the place you’re going. This is an excellent product that can help you during your camping trips, when hiking in the mountains for several days, or if you’re going on a picnic. Here, you’ll find five different models of the best portable toilets from $24 up to $129.

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

How Does it Work?

Portable toilets are not your typical peeing pot. That type of product is not too convenient for traveling and is only suitable for indoor purposes. Portable toilets are great outdoor solutions as these products can wash your waste products away, and it even has a flushing mechanism, so that the waste products can be concealed from the base area of the toilet. The toilet will then look clean for other people to use again. It’s all thanks to the convenient flushing mechanism of these products that are completely based on the indoor toilets used in our homes.

The area that hides the waste away after flushing is called the holding tank. It’s basically like a miniature and portable version of the septic tank. It can even mask the odor to ensure that the toilet doesn’t look too dirty when it’s being used during your outdoor trip. These products also have an indicator installed which measures the content of the holding tank to easily know if it’s already full and ready for disposal so you can clean or re-use the toilet once again. The holding tank is located right under the main part of the toilet and has a mechanism that can easily disassemble the tank for waste disposal and cleanup.

In terms of the design, portable toilets look exactly like a smaller version of the household toilets that are often used. When it’s opened, the product looks like a small tank of water, and if you close it, it can easily go elsewhere. There are some that may look like huge jars or buckets as well. The flushing mechanism of the product has a refillable water tank to fully serve its functionality. It also has a handle to ensure portability if there is a need to walk when hiking in the mountains or touring your friendly national parks.

What to Look for When Buying

There are certain factors to observe if you’re going to purchase the best one in the market. We’ve provided the top 5 portable toilets so you can compare products based on the following factors:

  • Capacity – The capacity of the product should be at least 5 gallons so it can properly hold all waste products and avoid unnecessarily disposing of the waste too often.
  • Weight – The weight of the product should never be too heavy, especially if you need to go hiking in the mountains so you won’t get easily tired.
  • Locks – The locks are an extremely important part of the portable toilet to avoid leakage from the holding tank and the base of the toilet. It can also seal away odors from the holding tank.
  • Durability and Warranty – The durability of the toilet is important because you won’t have to use this too often, so why keep a portable toilet that’s not too sturdy? As for the warranty, be sure to look for those that will last more than a year to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Comfort – As much as possible, look for the most comfortable toilet as you sit down when using it. It’s important to check the structure of the product as well as its height so that you won’t need to force yourself into a squatting position.

Top-5 Best Portable Toilets

Now that you’re aware of the factors that define the true quality of the finest portable toilets in the market, you should learn what are the finest products from $24 up to $129. The following observe the factors mentioned above, but they differ in terms of their specifications.

Rothco Camping Commode

Rothco Camping Commode: photoThis product doesn’t look like the rest of the products due to its unique design. Its design is actually the reason why it belongs in the top products in the market. This is known to have a bag-like design that has a stand that’s similar to a folding chair for you to easily bring along. Sadly, the product doesn’t have a lid or a cover, forcing you to dispose of the waste immediately before folding it again. This is excellent for minimalists and the cheapest one in our TOP.

Camco Standard Travel Toilet

Camco Standard Travel Toilet: photoThis is a must-have for some travelers as this product contains a lot of features present in a house toilet, but innovated to ensure that it’s the perfect product for your traveling needs. The product has 5.3-gallon capacity and has a very sturdy build. It also has a flushing system that can remove any substance down to the holding tank and has the perfect seal lock to prevent odor from spreading, as well as any leakage. It also has side latches that can help you easily dispose of the waste so that you can use the product again.

Reliance Hassock Portable Self-Contained Toilet

Reliance Hassock Portable Self-Contained Toilet: photoThis product from Reliance is truly reliable as it focuses more on functionality than appearance. The product looks like a huge jar but has a contoured seat inside it upon removing the cover. This has a unique eco-fresh packet, so you can handle the toilet easier. It also has a toilet paper dispenser clips for you to easily gain access to the toilet paper, as well as store it inside this portable toilet. It also has a disposable bucket so you can easily remove any waste product by removing the seat only while eliminating any waste contact to reduce the hassle.

Camouflage Portable Hunter’s Loo

Camouflage Portable Hunter's Loo: photoThis is not a bucket, but a portable toilet that conceals its functionality through its appearance. This product is known to be excellent for hunting and not just traveling as the product can completely hide the odor of your waste. It also has a handle so you can easily bring or hang it when need be. It also has a 5-gallon capacity, so it can be more suitable for long trips, plus it contains doddle bags to quickly transfer and throw away waste. Its design also avoids any contact with the waste.

Porta Potti Toilet for RV Travel

Porta Potti Toilet for RV Travel: photoThis product is excellent to install in RVs, plus you can remove it from the vehicle to use anywhere you may go as well. This product is extremely light, making it very easy to carry during long trips when hiking. It also has a 5.5-gallon capacity so there’s no need to dispose of the waste too often. It also has a battery-operated flushing mechanism rather than a crank which can provide an easier means to flush your waste down to the holding tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that people raise about portable toilets:

How to Dispose of the Waste?
The toilet may come with different types of maintenance guidelines. It may be best to check the manual for further information regarding the matter. But take note that some toilets may have a holding tank or bag system so you can safely seal them on your vehicle or a separate container. Rest assured that the best brands out there provide an odor-sealing capability to prevent any leakage, especially if you’re going to bring them home from your trip.

How to Maintain the Product
These toilets often come with basins that are coated with special chemicals that are made to deodorize and eliminate any bacteria from the toilet to avoid exposure to bacteria which may lead to diseases. However, note that those chemical coatings are not fully perfect. That’s why you need to use eco-fresh pouches which often come with the product in order to handle the deodorization completely. Washing the holding tank back at home or, if it’s possible, use water on it during the trip can be a good solution as well.

How to Separate the Tank From the Toilet?
All you need to do is to separate the top half from the bottom part, which is the tank, by using the locking mechanism of the product. The manual will instruct you how to open and remove the tank for cleanup properly.

What is the Proper Way to Rinse?
To do proper rinsing, reattach the parts together first and then add a gallon of warm water for a better cleaning process. Use a chemical additive in order to get rid of any bacteria, then rinse it by activating the flush. Everything will go to the holding tank so it can be cleaned at the same time as well.

What’s the Right Chemical Additive for Cleaning?
Any cleaning solution that you currently use in your bathroom is recommended to clean the portable toilet properly. You can either bring this with you during the trip or just use it to fully clean the toilet when you get back home.

Pros & Cons

The Pros of Using a Portable Toilet

This product has some nifty advantages for your waste disposal needs:

  • Fully designed to be carried around.
  • The holding tanks and bags are excellent for of disposing waste and sealing its odor if you need to carry it.
  • Made of materials that can last for a year or more.
  • Some models don’t even look like a toilet at all!
  • Ensures that no waste contact will happen as you use the toilet, thanks to its interior setup.

The Cons of Bringing One Along

Sadly, not all products are perfect in the first place:

  • Some models don’t even have handles, making the toilet a hassle to carry around sometimes.
  • You may need to clean up the upper half of the toilet to ensure that all waste and pee will be flushed down the holding tank.
  • The locks may get loose over time if you purchased a low-quality toilet.

Tips and Life Hacks When Using the Product

Here are some simple tips that you can use to make it easier to use the portable toilets:

  • Never turn the toilet sideways to avoid any risk of leakage, even if you say that the sealing lock of the product is too tight.
  • Always check the toilet after using it to see if the upper part needs cleanup for everything to go down the holding tank or bag.
  • To reduce the hassle of fully cleaning the toilet once you get back home, rinse the toilet with water first to eliminate most bacteria so you can focus more on cleaning up the holding tank.
  • You can purchase or use spare straps so you can wrap the toilet around to easily carry it like a jug of water or a lunch box. Some models may not have handles, or the handle might not be long enough for you to carry it easily. This is the best tip when trekking in the mountains for days, and if you want to bring the toilet as well.
  • Always bring toilet paper!

Comparative Chart of Portable Toilets

Less than 5 gallons0.18 pounds
5.3 Gallons10.8 pounds
Reliance Products Hassock
5 Gallons5 pounds
Reliance Products Hunter's Loo
5 Gallons2.5 pounds
Porta Potti
5.5 Gallons10 pounds


Portable toilets are your travel buddies whenever the “call of nature” arrives so you can make yourself completely comfortable as you travel along the mountains or when going on a picnic. Always remember that many travelers need these products nowadays to prevent any waste from being disposed in the wild and ensure complete cleanliness over your surroundings. It’s an eco-friendly solution which is just perfect for the demands of our Mother Nature.

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