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Best Strap-Ons

Originally used by lesbians, strap-ons are becoming increasingly popular today with hetero couples. While some women enjoy feeling like having a penis, there are men who would like to offer their women double penetration at a time. Even those women who do not fall into lesbian category benefit from using these toys which allow them to learn about other ways to utilize their hips while having sex.

Strap-ons differ by the type of dildos, which can be realistic (resembling a real penis), textured (for better stimulation) and smooth ones. Also, some toys come with interchangeable parts while others do not offer this kind of advantage. I recommend you to use the former ones as you will be able to change the dildo if needed. Some strap-ons are put on like panties while others should be attached with the use of clips. And finally, there are harnessed and strapless strap-ons. The former requires a harness and oftentimes include a vibrator for stimulating the user. Strapless strap-ons are meant for more experienced users as they are held internally by the user.

When shopping for your strap-ons, make sure the toy is made out of durable and quality materials. Harnessed flexible options with an interchangeable penis are more convenient. One more thing to take into consideration is the type of dildo, its size and texture.

Adam&Eve Vibrating Dual Harness: photo

Take a look at Adam&Eve Vibrating Dual Harness, a tox that includes not only a harness but also a dildo for the user’s satisfaction. Made by Adam&Eve, a sex-toy producer with about a 50-year history, this model boasts several features that will help you and your partner achieve more intense orgasms. The product comes with two dildos. The first dildo is intended to be inserted into the user’s anus while the second one, which measures more than six inches in length, stimulates the partner.

Best Clitoral Vibrators

The clitoris stimulation gives you as much pleasure as deeper penetration, which is why clitoral vibrators have been developed. Women can use them alone or to play with their partners, meaning they are versatile and can be used for various purposes. One of the advantages of this thing over G-spot vibrators is that it is much safer. Specifically, they are unlikely to cause numbness when overused. That said, these toys are more powerful, so playing with them is a sure way to achieve an orgasm.

Clitoris vibrators are available in different types: a bullet vibrator, wand vibrator, clitoral suction toy, and a lay-on massager. Bullet option is the smallest in size but is powerful as it stimulates the clitoris directly. Since such a device is designed to apply much pressure, it is generally made from strong materials. Another option, a wand vibrator, is significantly larger in size and is intended not just for the clitoris but for the vulva as well.

Unlike the previous type of clitoris vibrators, this one is soft. That said, the softness does not come at the expense of power — quite the contrary. Wand vibrators are fantastically powerful, something that makes them extremely noisy. If you do not need a lot of pressure, choose lay-on massagers. They are not so tough but cover a larger area, which makes them the best choice for beginners. If you are not a fan of vibration, consider clitoral suction toys that work by sending pulses to your body.

Womanizer Pro40 Pleasure Enhancer: photoOne of the popular models is Womanizer Pro40 Pleasure Enhancer. This super quality product comes with eight levels of intensity, offering the fullest clitoris stimulation. Manufactured by Womanizer, a well-established producer of sex toys, this device employs the technology of pleasure air touchless stimulation. What is so good about this technology? It eliminates the primary weak point of all vibrators — the user’s habituation effect. This makes your pleasure longer and allows to achieve orgasms more frequently.

Best Sex Machines

Sex machines are definitely for determined persons since not every woman has enough courage to entrust her body to a bulky electronic device. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, who hesitates is lost. If you want to broaden your sexual experience, this item will open up new horizons for you. Apart from shyness, the only meaningful downside to this product is the price. Yes, you will pay much more than when buying a vibrator or something like that, but sex machines is an absolutely new level of self-stimulation.

That said, quality is something that matters a lot in these devices, therefore, make sure that the model you have picked is heavy-duty and made from sound materials. Another thing to consider is the number of intensity levels and adjustability. The latter makes its possible for the user to play with the machine in different positions. Also, keep in mind that every good option comes with several attachments so that you could select a dildo that is the most comfortable for you.

There are three types of sex machines. The first one, the thrusting machine, is a large-sized and powerful device that is meant to be placed on a smooth surface like the floor. They allow for height adjustment and can be used both for anus and vagina. The second type is gliders, which are not so automated as thrusting machines and will thrust as you move. And the third type is ride-on machines, which are the most expensive option on the list. The idea is that your vagina and anus are stimulated while you are riding the machine.
Hismith Premium Sex Machine: photoI would recommend Hismith Premium Sex Machine for beginners as this model is less expensive than its analogs on the market. The unit includes steel rods that are very strong and plated with chrome. This is essential since the machine must be entirely stable and should not move while thrusting. That said, the device is powerful enough to get through the most stubborn muscles, ensuring satisfaction for the user. Since the machine is adjustable, you can use it in various positions. One more advantage that adds to the user’s comfort is wireless remote control, which can be used not just by the user but also by her or his partner.

Best Vibrating Panties

It is a matter of fact that many women need their clitoris to be stimulated to achieve an orgasm. That is why vibrating panties are one of the sources of pleasure for women. More importantly, these toys can be used by one person or can be turned on and off by her partner by means of the remote control. Since you can wear these panties discreetly, you may activate them not just indoors but also outdoors, for example, at a party or in a movie theatre to have more fun. Basically, vibrating panties look the same but they can be divided into two categories: the ones that penetrate in the vagina and the ones that deliver the clitoris stimulation.

What aspects to consider when shopping for your vibrating panties? Like any underwear, the item should be comfortable for you to wear. Any feeling of discomfort may prevent you from reaching an orgasm. Another essential feature is safety. Choose only those panties that are produced by brand-name companies to be sure that they are made from quality material that will not irritate your skin. Also, pay attention to the number of settings the product offers — the more the better. The battery life is crucial for those who enjoy using the toy outdoors, if the battery dies too quickly, the whole pleasure will be spoiled.

remote-controlled vibrator OHMIBOD: photoYou may try a remote-controlled vibrator OHMIBOD Club Vibe 2.OH, which is also promoted as a massager. This item is less than four inches in length and is just half an inch thick, so you will be able to use it discreetly at a nightclub or wherever you like. Besides, you can switch between two modes of stimulation and five power settings to select the most comfortable one. These vibrating panties come with a long-lasting battery allowing you to use the toy for two hours without interruption. In a standby mode, the battery will last for three months without the need for charging. However, I would recommend you to charge it before every use.

Best Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are among the most popular products in the anal to category. They can be used by men and women, with and without a partner. These are not sophisticated toys, so it is not rocket science to understand how they function. They are quite easy to use but experts recommend inserting a plug when the person is already excited and with the application of lubricants.

There are different types of butt plugs. The standard option is the simplest one. With a length of no more than five inches, these toys are generally made from jelly-like materials. The curved bott plugs are designed to reach the prostate, which is why they are so loved by men. There are also high-end options that consist of luxurious silicone and offer a vibration mode.

When shopping for your butt plug, make sure that it is produced by a well-established manufacturer and is made from high-quality and hypoallergenic materials. Some products come with plugs of various size, allowing the user to choose the one that will perfectly fit his or her body. A wide base is an essential feature for any butt plug as it prevents the item from being stuck and is, therefore, makes it much safer.

Adam & Eve Booty Boot Camp Training Kit: photo

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, Adam & Eve Booty Boot Camp Training Kit is what you need. The kit includes three butt plugs of various sizes ranging from 4.5 inches to 6 inches. You may try them all and choose the one that is most comfortable for you or use every item from the set at different times. These toys are made from silicone which is hypoallergenic and safe. The tapered tip allows you to insert the item effortlessly while the waterproof design makes it possible to play in the shower. The flared suction-cup base makes it easier to use the toy in the bathroom and, at the same time, eliminates the risk of the butt plug being stuck inside your body.

Best Dildos

Dildos come in a variety of styles and sizes, being one of the most commonly used sex toys. This tool helps you orgasm alone or while playing your partner. However, immediate sexual satisfaction is not the only benefit that dildos offer. Apart from that, you will better understand your body and how to get more pleasure, the knowledge you can apply during your sexual intercourse with a partner.

Dildos are available in four types. The realistic option resembles a real penis and generally comes with textured veins. The head is wider than in other types of dildos while the color is not necessarily natural. Non-anatomical models do not imitate a penis but are rather smooth without any prominent texture elements or heads. Suction cup base dildos are the most convenient for use as you can stick the toy to any surface, such a chair or the wall. The fourth type, strap-ons, would be the best choice for playing with a partner.

Now, what dildo to choose? When making a purchase, consider the size. Most users are satisfied with 7-inches or so but you might want something bigger for a wild play. Still, if you are a beginner, a six-inch dildo would be the best choice for you. Also, look for a dildo that is made from silicone and has a suction cup for hands-free usage.

Vixen Mustang VixSkin Dildo: photo

A good example of a realistic dildo is Vixen Mustang VixSkin Dildo. While being Rainbow-colored, the item features dual density and feels like a real penis! Made from high-quality VixSkin material, it has a solid core and flexible outer layer. The dildo is seven inches in length and can be used not only for the G-spot stimulation but also for massaging your vagina or anus. On top of that, the product comes with the suction cup, meaning that you can comfortably use it in the shower. And yes, it is harness-compatible, so you can use this tool during sexual intercourse with your partner.

Best Anal Dildos

Some people consider anal sex to be more exciting than traditional sexual intercourse, therefore, anal dildos have become popular not just with men but also with women. When it comes to women, the item passes near their G-spot, delivering a whole lot of pleasure. When applied to men, dildos massage their prostate, something that allows them to reach intense orgasms.

While there are versatile dildos, sex enthusiasts who focus on anal playing may choose a model that is better suited for the purpose. In this kind of dildo, the material it is made from matters a lot. The best option is an item is moderately stiff and, at the same time, is fairly flexible. Dildos with veined textures deliver better stimulation while the wide base is a guarantee of safe usage.

Generally, anal dildos come without vibration features and are intended to stimulate the anus by simply being inserted and pulled out of it. With varying size options available, these sex toys indispensably include a wide suction base for safety reasons.

Lifelike Lover Classic Dildo: photo

For anal play, I recommend you buying Lifelike Lover Classic Dildo, a sex toy that offers all necessary features. This six-inch model is great for beginners who want to learn the ropes of anal sex. The product comes with a veined and bendable shaft, delivering maximum satisfaction to the user. Apart from the shaft, there are tight balls and a suction cup. The former will stimulate you externally while the latter allows you to use the dildo hands-free. As the toy is waterproof, you can safely play with it in the shower. While being made from rubber, the product is safe for the skin and is flexible enough.

Prostate Massagers

Created for pleasure, prostate massagers have a lot of health benefits, which makes them particularly appealing. First and foremost, this tool will be very helpful if your erection is not firm enough. Yes, massaging your prostate will result in stronger erections, something that your partner will definitely appreciate. Another health benefit that is worth mentioning is increased blood circulation. This is the primary goal of all massagers as the enhanced blood flow certainly does miracles!

Prostate massagers typically come with a bulbous or curved head, an element that is intended to reach and stimulate the prostate. Also, this kind of sex toy should be made from solid material to deliver maximum pressure to the prostate. There are models that include vibration functions for extra stimulation, however, this feature is not a must. Besides, when shopping for your prostate massager, look for waterproof options that will allow you to get a massage in your bathroom. As a rule, such a toy can be left in place after inserting due to the peculiarity of its shape. That is why it is perfect for hands-free usage as the item will move with your body. Keep in mind that you should apply a lot of lubricant for safer and more pleasant play.

Paloqueth Male Prostate Massager: photoPaloqueth Male Prostate Massager is an illustrative example of a quality feature-packed sex toy of this kind. The product combines 3 features, which allows to simultaneously deliver a direct prostate massage, stimulate you externally, and tickle the testicles. With an ergonomic and sturdy design, this item is convenient and easy to use. It stays in place while you are moving due to its unique shape, so you can safely walk around the house while getting an awesome anal massage! The massager features eight settings to choose from and 4 inches of an insertable length. Wireless remote control will allow you to switch between vibration modes while playing or trust your partner with this task.

Best Vibrators

Vibrators are extremely popular as they do the whole job for you or your partner. You do not need to take the trouble to reach an orgasm because the vibration is a proven way to achieve it. More importantly, not only does it help you orgasm but it also makes the sensations more intense and stronger. Actually, much depends on whether you use a vibrator correctly. So experts suggest applying a lot of lube to avoid unpleasant feelings. Also, you should first relax and start with slow settings.

There is an ocean of all sorts of vibrators, which can be waterproof or non-waterproof, external (stimulating such erogenous zones as the clitoris and vulva) or internal (intended for vagina or anus penetration), noiseless for discreet usage or portable for wearing under clothing. Most branded models come with remote controls, an accessory that not only makes playing more comfortable but allows for engaging a partner into it.

When shopping for your vibrator, opt for models that come with various speed options for more comfortable play. That said, the speed is not the only feature that you can adjust. There are models with various patterns of vibration, including waves and pulses. Some vibrators work by gradually increasing vibration intensification, with its further slowdown.

Wearable Vibrator: photoTake a look at this Wearable Vibrator intended for both clitoris and G-Spot stimulation. You can wear it discreetly in public places and not a single soul will know your secret because the device operates almost noiseless. Another advantage of this model is a huge number of vibration modes. You can choose any from the ten settings to select the one that is most comfortable for you. Made from high-quality silicone, this vibrator is waterproof and can be used in the bathroom. The product comes with the remote control which you can hand over to your partner to have more fun.

Best Anal Toys

Located close to the prostate in men and vagina in women, the anus can be a source of pleasure of very person of ant gender. Moreover, the anus itself has a myriad of nerve endings and is extremely sensitive to any kind of stimulation. Anal toys can be divided into three categories: butt plugs, prostate massagers, and anal beads. Used hands-free, butt plugs are very convenient as the only thing you need to do is to insert the item in your anus. You can also use it before anal sex with a partner as butt plugs help to relax muscles.

Another approach is using prostate massagers, which not only will give you much pleasure but will also massage the prostate, enhancing blood circulation and making your erection stronger. These toys come with curved or bulbous tips designed to massage the prostate directly. The third type of anal toys is anal beads that are available in a variety of shapes. You insert such a chain of beads in your anus and then pull them out, which makes you orgasm.

When shopping for your anal toy, consider its size and shape. For beginners, I recommend the model of smaller sizes as it will take time for you to get accustomed to this kind of sex play. Choose non-porous toys because they are easier to clean and do not accumulate bacteria.

Njoy Pure Plug: photoYou may try Njoy Pure Plug that is made from polished solid stainless steel, which is medical-grade and safe. The item goes inside your body smoothly and hits all the right places! The plug boasts an attractive and functional design. With a weight of about one pound, it is heavy enough to comfortably sit in the anus. You can wear the plug at home, in the driving seat or at the office, or use in the bathroom since the plug is waterproof. One of the advantages of stainless steel models is that they hold both cold and heat, making the play even more comfortable.

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