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What is the best vibrating panty? It is important that you are comfortable wearing it. The material should be skin safe and easy to clean. The device should have several settings so that you could choose the one you need. Since the panty vibrator requires a power source, opt for a model that comes with a battery lasting for several hours. It is also essential that the battery is rechargeable, something that will save you money in the future. One more important aspect to consider is the distance from which the panty’s remote control operates. This will allow your partner to control your pleasure anytime. We believe that the Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.0 fits these criteria best.

Why have we chosen this product? This toy has two different modes and 5 strong levels of vibration. One is the classic manual mode and the other is the club mode. The latter makes the toy vibrate in time to whatever music may be playing. The panties are made from a phthalate-free material and come with a rechargeable battery that lasts for 4 hours. Its remote control works as far as 20 feet away.

This guide will tell you about TOP-5 best vibrating panties and benefits they offer, especially when used by a couple. You will learn about their main types — those stimulating a person internally inside the vagina and those stimulating the clitoris and vulva. Our sex expert will give you some valuable advice on how to use them more effectively and answered the most frequently asked questions on the matter. Find out what things you need to consider when looking for a vibrating panty and take a look at a comparison chart to pick the best option.

Panties with vibrator are the ideal toy for some sexy fun inside and outside of the bedroom! These are wearable vibrators that can be controlled by you or someone else to make any activity a whole lot more fun. And they are perfect for a sexy date. Wear them at a gig, at a bar, or out for dinner. I mean even wearing them at McDonald’s would be sexy! But don’t dive in and buy the first pair you see. Here is all you need to know to get the perfect pair for you.

What You Will Learn From This Guide:

What Benefits Do They Offer?

Oh you mean beyond amazing orgasms? There are actually a bunch of benefits to this kind of toy, especially when you use it as a couple.

More orgasms!

I’m sure you know this already but most women need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm. A study published in 2015 in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that 36.6% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. And, that is exactly what most of these toys offer Direct clitoral stimulation right where they need it!

It turns your date into a foreplay session

Panties with vibrator basically turn any date into a full foreplay session. And not just for the wearer! If someone else has the remote control, they are going to be feeling just as excited and turned on too regardless of whether they are getting direct vibration from a toy.

Hands-free toy

And don’t forget that this is a hands-free toy for the wearer which can be sued without a partner too. These toys are great for people with arthritis in their hands as they don’t need to hold the toy in place to get the full experience. They can just pop them on and control it with the remote which is a lot easier.

And, they can make almost any activity more fun and more pleasurable and I think that is a benefit in itself don’t you?

What Types of Vibrating Panties Are There?

There are two main types of this toy to choose from. You need to consider whether you want a vibrator that will stimulate you internally inside the vagina or if you want one that will stimulate the clitoris and vulva. While the clitoral options are much more common, there are some styles that have internal vibrators, they just tend to be harder to find.

You will also need to decide whether you want a vibrating panty with or without a remote control. Having a remote control will make it much easier to use if you intend to use the toy while you are out and about.

How Do Vibrating Panties Work?

While they might seem a little complicated at first, they are actually super easy to use. Most of them will include a panty with a small pocket inside, a vibrator which slips into the pocket, and a remote control which is used to turn it on and off, and change the speeds and patterns.

There are options that are battery operated or those that are USB rechargeable. Sometimes even the rechargeable options will require batteries for the remote so make sure you check that out first.

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Where to wear vibrant panties?

You can wear vibrant panties wherever you want. You just have to talk to your partner and establish an agreement. For example, at a family dinner, at a night party, at a work lunch … you decide!

My advice is to use it at a dinner with friends, after going to dance and turn up the temperature. You can play with your partner as long as you want. You will have control and your girl will just have fun. Enjoy!

Boosting Your Chances of Orgasm: How to Use Vibrating Panties

Fully charge your toy

If you are headed out with your vibe, then make sure it is fully charged or has brand new batteries so you can really make the most of it. Trust me, there is nothing worse than a battery dying part way through play and these toys are intended to be used for a longer session than others.

Check there are batteries in the remote control

And the same applies to remote control panties! Don’t forget that this needs to last as long as the vibe if you want to be able to control it the whole time. So chuck in some new batteries and you are good to go.

Do a sound test

This can save you a lot of embarrassment… Just do a quick test before you head to check how loud the toy actually is and if you are comfortable to have it on while you are out in public.

Use lube – even with a clitoral vibe

Rachel Gelman from the Pelvic Pain Rehab Center states that lube should be used when you engage in any kind of sexual activity as it prevents irritation of the skin and makes everything feel better.

Applying some to your vibe and to your clitoris will keep things feeling super good but you may need to reapply it. If you are using an internal vibe then lube is essential to keep it comfortable, especially if you intend to wear it for a long time.

TOP-5 Best Vibrating Panties

Below, you will find a review of TOP-5 best products available on the market at a price ranging from $30 to $100. Each model has its peculiarity: one is waterproof and can be used in swimming pools while another comes with a small dildo and is great for beginners. They differ in design, the number of speeds and pulsation patterns. The distance from which a remote operates ranges from 4 to 26 feet. Most items have rechargeable batteries which last from 2 to 4 hours.

Best Remote Vibrating Panties | Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.0

Remote Vibrating Panties: photo

Let’s start off with an absolute banger! This toy by Ohmibod is all about the music. Remember when I talked about wearing a vibrating panty to a gig earlier? Well, this is the one you want if that is your intention. And that’s because this toy has two different modes.

One is the classic manual mode where you can scroll through the 5 different intensity levels and the other is club mode.

Club mode actually makes the toy vibrate in time to whatever music may be playing. Now it works better when things are loud, which is why using it at a club or a gig can be a seriously awesome time for the wearer. You can also plug it directly into a music source like your phone or speaker and really let the good times roll.

If you prefer to keep things simple, then you can just use the remote too and experience the 5 strong levels of vibration. And the remote works from 15-20 feet away so you can easily hand it over to your partner and let them take the reigns.

This set comes with a cute stretchy black thong and a small silicone panty vibrator that slips inside a pocket in the thong. It’s a rechargeable model which will last up to 3 hours on a full charge which is pretty damn amazing.

However, it is quite bulky and some users fit it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. But it will fit different bodies differently so for you, it might be totally fine!

Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.0:   Check the current price

Vibrating Panties with Hidden Vibe Pocket | Hustler

Vibrating Panties with Hidden Vibe Pocket: photo

If you want a simple but classic style of vibrating panty that will do everything you want without any extra fuss, then this is a great option for you. This hustler panty is another thong style, that has multiple size options (yay) and also different color choices. This one is the black one because black is my favorite but there is also hot pink and red available.

A simple bullet vibe slips inside the small pocket inside the thong to stay nice and close to your clitoris and there is also a remote control. Now, this remote only works from up to 4 feet away so don’t expect too much of a distance, but if you are happy to stay close to one another, then this will work just fine. And if you are using a sex toy together, then surely being close won’t be too much of a struggle!

The bullet vibrator is battery operated and has 3 speeds and 7 different pulsation patterns. So, even though it is small, it still packs a punch! What is really cool about this set is that bullet vibes are really versatile toys that you can use without the panties too.

They are great as part of foreplay but are also small enough to be included during partnered sex if you want to. So, you pretty much get two toys in one here!

Hustler:   Check the current price

Waterproof Vibrating Panties | Desire Luxury

Waterproof Vibrating Panties: photo

If cute is what you are after, then cute is exactly what you will get with this lacy number. So, let’s start with the underwear itself. These are stretchy lace briefs with ribbon ties at either side of the hips so that you can tighten or loosen them as you need to. This style means that they will fit a whole range of sizes comfortably and look super cute right?

This is a remote control set that has a curved silicone vibrator that slips inside the pocket in the panty. The shape of this vibe will likely also sit inside any tight fitting underwear so you may be able to use it with other underwear too which is a nice bonus. That way you don’t need to wait for these ones to make it out of the washing cycle every time.

The shape also has a really nice curve to it which makes it comfortable for long periods of wear if you are taking the toy out and about.

The vibrator has 12 speeds and 8 different patterns and it starts to get seriously strong on those tops ones so get ready for some intense stimulation. It is also rechargeable and will last for about 2 hours on a full charge.

The remote control will work up to 8 meters away too so this is an ideal option for play outside of the bedroom. And what really sets this toy apart is that the vibrator is waterproof. Some fun in the pool anyone?

Desire Luxury:   Check the current price

Sexy Vibrating Thong | Lovehoney Seduce Me

Sexy Vibrating Thong: photo

Let’s just start by saying that this is probably one of the sexiest pairs of vibrating underwear I have come across, and I have seen a few. Look at those garter straps, so pretty! Anyway, so this set features a gorgeous thong with a little pocket to fit a bullet vibrator into.

The garter straps can attach to some thigh high stockings, or you can just remove them if you just want the thong itself. This set comes in multiple sizes so you can pick the right one for you and feel sexy as hell in it knowing it will fit you properly.

Although the bullet vibrator is small, there is a whole lot of power in the little thing. There are 6 vibration patterns and 10 different speeds to choose from. And it’s waterproof too! Yay. Just make sure you have the battery compartment screwed on as tight as possible to keep it safe in the water though. There is also a remote control which works for up to 5 meters’ distance.

Now, being battery operated generally means that the vibrations might not be as strong as rechargeable options so if you love power, I probably wouldn’t choose a battery operated toy. However, if you love this style of panty, you can also find a more powerful vibe and use that instead, just make sure you get one with a remote control too if you want to use the toy out and about!

Lovehoney Seduce Me:   Check the current price

Panties with a 3.5-Inch Vibrator | Love Rider

Panties with a 3.5-Inch Vibrator : photo

Now for an internal toy. Because not everyone is a big fan of clitoral stimulation and that is A- ok! The Love Rider set has a cute stretchy black panty and a 3.5-inch vibrator to target the vagina and g-spot.

The vibrator is made from skin-safe rubber and has a single speed bullet vibrator that slips inside the toy to make it vibrate. Of course, if you don’t want the vibration you can use the toy as a dildo too and remove the bullet.

Now, this one is a bit different to the others, beyond being internal, as it does not have a remote control and will need to be turned on or off on the toy itself. Because of that, it is probably best to stick to the house if you want to use it as a vibrator. Or at least somewhere with a bathroom nearby so you can sneak away and turn it on or off as you please.

Due to the toy being made from rubber, you will also need to use a fair bit of lube to keep everything feeling comfortable and pleasurable so keep some water based lube with you wherever you end up and reapply it as it dries out. The underwear themselves are black and stretchy and made to fit most sizes but they state it will best fit a size UK 12-14.

Love Rider:   Check the current price

Comparison Chart of Vibrating Panty Effectiveness

Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.0
2 modes: wireless remote and club
Rechargeable 4-hour battery
Comes with an OSFM black thong
Remote works from 15-20 feet away
Effectiveness: 10
Hustler Vibrating Panty
3 speeds and 7 pulsation patterns
Whisper quiet
Made from delicate lace
Multiple size options
Remote works from 4 feet away
Effectiveness: 9
Desire Luxury Panty Vibe
12 speeds and 8 different patterns
Rechargeable 2-hour battery
Remote works from 26 feet away
Vibrator sits inside any tight fitting underwear
Effectiveness: 10
Lovehoney Seduce Me Vibrating Thong
6 speeds and 10 different patterns
Batteries included
Remote works from 13 feet away
Bullet and thong can be used independently
Effectiveness: 9
Love Rider Black Vibrating Panties
Vibrating dildo and bullet vibrator
3.5-inch dildo is good for beginners
Made from rubber
Removable 1-speed bullet
Effectiveness: 8

What to Look for When Buying a Vibrating Panty

When you are looking for a vibrating panty, there are a few things to consider. The size of the underwear is a big one as this will determine whether it fits you and how comfortable you will be wearing it. Look for side ties or a lot of stretch.

You also want to think about the material of the vibrator. Is it skin safe? How easy is it to clean? If you are not sure what to go for, stick to silicone as this is body safe, smooth and long-lasting. And of course, the vibration levels. How strong will the toy be and there a lot of different modes or just a few?


What are the best vibrating panties?
That all depends on how you want to use it! The toys with a clitoral stimulator are certainly more popular as there is so much sensitivity in this area that they feel seriously good.

They also don’t necessarily require lubricant like an internal toy would. And make sure you get a panty that fits you well and that you think is sexy so you can feel amazing while you wear it!

Are they safe?
Vibrating underwear is totally safe to use. The only thing that may be deemed unsafe is a toy material that may not be considered body-safe. Just stick to materials like silicone or ABS plastic and you will be just fine.

Oh, and don’t forget to check whether a toy is waterproof first if you intend to use it in a wet setting. And remember that while the vibrator itself may be waterproof, the remote likely isn’t so make sure you check before you get wet!

Are there vibrating panties for men?
Yes, there are. But the general consensus is that they don’t really do much in terms of stimulation. If you want something to stimulate a male, then look for a vibrating butt plug or a vibrating ball stretcher. Even a cock ring might be ok but you can only wear it for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Do they work quietly?
Now, that entirely depends on the toy itself but they are designed to be as quiet as possible. However, there is really no such thing as a silent motor but these days some of these toys are super, super quiet. Make sure to look at customer reviews as they will give you the best idea of how quiet a specific toy will be.

Can I wear vibrating panties in public?
Yes! And that is what makes them so damn fun! As long as there is a remote control and the toy is quiet enough for you to feel comfortable then why not? Take them to the club, to dinner, to a gig. Whatever you want to do!


Phew! There is a lot to learn huh? But once you have all this information finding the perfect vibrating panty for you should be a whole lot easier. Happy hunting!

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