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Whether you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, are looking around for motivation, or just want a quick fix for your tummy area, this buyer’s guide will help you find the best clothing to help you achieve your goals or boost up your spirits and self-esteem. We’ll talk about waist trimmers, different options and types available on the market, how they work and what you should be aware of before buying. We’ll also review the TOP 8 Best Waist Trimmers for hassle-free shopping.

This article won’t really do much credit to body positivity, mind you. And although I am a fan of diversity, as a woman, I understand your need and want to look “beautiful” by societal standards. And while beauty is such a subjective term, we all know that women with slim waists attract more attention than those with a little bit of a natural fat around the waistline.

The reasons are more prosaic than you might think. Low waist-hip-ratio, which comes with a slim waist and wide hips, is an ingrained biological and psychological preference in humans, which is based on survival instinct. Women with low waist-to-hip ratios were more healthy and fertile than other females in the populations. Also, a woman with a slimmer waist indicated to a potential male that she was not and possibly had never been pregnant, signaling him that she might be a potential reproductive partner, according to research published in Psychology Today.

Thus, through centuries women had been inadvertently trying to conform to the aforementioned standards of commonality and beauty. Corsets and different other gadgetry were invented to help women look more attractive without investing any effort in physical training or diet. The history of corsetry dates back as far as to the sixteen century. And while primarily the reasons for wearing a corset were aesthetic, it was also used to support the spine, bust, and hips. Thanks to the invention of girdles and brassieres and, of course, to emancipation, corsets fell from fashion in the 20th century and were left on the outskirts of a fetish community. But even to this day, corsets are still used as an effective means for a waist reduction.

Expert Opinion
Pedro Bernardes
Waist Trainers are objects to give you an apparent and momentaneous look, not an effective and long term one. They can help lose weight by losing more water than usual, which is not a healthy thing. They can have a positive effect in relieving pain, in pathological situations or post pregnancy, but if you don’t have healthy related behaviors and do exercises to transform those situations, you will hardly change them. Waist Trainers should only be a temporary solution.

In this guide, we’ll talk about waist trimmers as a short-term solution for improving the overall look of female body shape and a solution to help reduce the waistline in the long term. If you want to learn more about using corsets and waist belts in fitness training, then you might be interested in our article on the best waist trainers.

What is a waist trimmer and how it works?

So, what is actually a waist trimmer? A waist trimmer is a piece of clothing worn to squeeze the waistline and train the torso into a desired shape. The corset usually begins under the breast and ends somewhere at the hip bone. The waist trimmers are made of elastic materials with rigid parts, also known as bones, which form its frame, and are inserted into the special channels within the material. Usually, these bones are nowadays made of plastic, but some high-end corsetry can include wood, cane, and even ivory bones. The waist trimmer is held together by lacing, zippers, or hooks, and can be tightened accordingly for the desired effect.

Types of waist trimmers

Aesthetic waist trimmers, also known as corsets, are compression garments that are worn to create a slimmer appearance, compressing the stomach and temporarily redistributing the body fat for an overall thinner physique. These are not meant to be used for exercise, but rather as a part of a woman’s wardrobe, and are usually worn as part of lingerie, under other clothing.

Fitness waist trimmers are pieces of clothing used during exercise to help you sweat more and lose weight. Usually, it’s achieved through temporary water reduction in your body, and are not considered effective when used alone. If your primary concern is a weight loss, then you can use a waist trimmer with a combination of regular exercise and proper diet. Without diet, it would be difficult to lose weight, unless you live in a gym. To learn more about fitness waist trimmers, please, read our guide on the Best Waist Trainers.

Medical waist trimmers are worn by people with spinal problems and injuries. These are usually called back braces. In case you want to learn more, please, read our guide on the Best Back Braces.

There are also medical waist trimmers which are worn postpartum for additional abdominal support. They come in various form factors and can look like regular corsets, such as the one from Brabic, or look like a body wrap, as seen in Trendyline. There are also more traditional wraps, like rebozo and bengkung, where women bind themselves for a customized fit.

After I had a baby, I used bengkung for self-wrapping, which I purchased from a doula, who had all her five kids home-birthed. I was very lucky to get my body in shape very quickly, but I think it’s more of genetics, rather than wrapping that played a key part. The reason I chose natural wraps over those sold at the pharmacies was that I believe in the power of natural healing over those imposed by society with its invasive medical treatments and devices.

The natural fabrics will gently support a spine and abdomen to the exact extent you want it to, you have all the control over the sizing rather than the manufacturer. Self-wrapping, as used for centuries, is still practiced in various cultures to ensure the postnatal transition is smooth and help the internal organs get back into their places as gently as possible without much pressure from external forces.

Fetish waist trimmers are clothing used primarily in sexual fetishism, like BDSM, where a submissive participant oftentimes wears a tight corset to inflict a certain degree of pain and restriction of movement. Fortunately, these fall outside the scope of this guide. Maybe we’ll write about them in the future, who knows?

Benefits and health safety issues of waist trimmers

Dr. Oz did a series of episodes on waist trimming and training, where he talked to other physicians and people, who wore corsets on a daily basis and achieved waist trimming results. You can watch these episodes here: Dr. Oz Investigates Waist Training. He later discussed his findings on the Fox channel, where he talked about the dangers of extreme corseting, the damage to internal organs, and detrimental health effects associated with prolonged wear of waist trimming devices:

And while the dangers of extreme corseting are pretty obvious, we’ve decided to include them anyway, so you use the waist trimmers with caution and moderation:

  • According to the researchers from the UCI Health Medical group, corsets, when worn long term, can affect the blood supply to the liver, reduce muscle and core strength, decrease lung capacity, push down the intestines, and harmfully affect other internal organs, which can later lead to back pain, poor posture, and other more severe medical problems
  • Sömmerring’s syndrome, named after the first physician who warned against wearing corsets (back in 1793), is a medical condition of hiatus hernias, which is caused by wearing tight corsets. In a hiatus hernia, the stomach is pushed way up to the chest through the hiatus. Many complications can arise from this condition, ranging from gastrointestinal reflux to heartburn and chest pain.

However, there are also benefits associated with wearing corsets and waist trimmers short-term, some of which include:

  • Waist trimmers create a “temporary fix”, enabling you to shape the muscles of the waist
  • Overweight people can benefit from wearing waist trimmers to improve mobility and support the core muscles in the short term
  • Wearing a corset compresses the stomach and reduces the appetite, thus contributing to the weight loss, often called the corset diet
  • Wearing a waist trimmer can really help you to mold your figure. There are dozens of celebrities who used corsets to shape their bodies, including Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. And while exercise and diet are preferred, no one can disavow the results achieved by women who wore corsets to get their bodies back after pregnancies, extreme weight gain, and hormonal changes. Besides, many women who wore and wear corsets live to old age in good health, in spite of all the “compression talk”.

TOP 8 Best Waist Trimmers

Below, we’ll cover the TOP models of waist trimmers we’ve found online along with their differentiating features and consumer response. We’ll go through corsets of various form factors and fabrics, waist trimming lingerie, and finish with the best waist trimmers for sports and workouts that can help you lose weight. In terms of prices, all of the models described above are super affordable and can range from 15 to 20 dollars, or even cheaper.

Women’s Underbust Latex Sports Girdle Waist Trimmer Body Shaper | YIANNA – waist trimmer for plus size // small sizes available

Latex Sports Girdle Waist Trimmer Body Shaper: photoThis beautifully designed waist trimmer is available in ten sizes so you can choose the optimal model for your body weight. And thirteen colors that would match practically any outfit you choose to wear it with. The waist trimmer has three straight lines of hooks for you to calibrate the desired tightness. There are also nine spiral steel bones for support, which are as flexible as plastic bones, but more durable and supportive. This hourglass waist trimmer is partly made of latex, so if you’re allergic to the material, it’s best to choose another model. Other materials include cotton, lycra, and spandex.

The seller claims it’s possible to reduce waist by 3-5 inches when you wear the corset. It also seems to gently lift underbust, and control the spine and tummy. Besides, the corset is affordably priced and received genuinely positive consumer feedback. Many of testers said you couldn’t find better quality for the price, or that they loved it “at the first cinch”. Although the seller doesn’t advise to wear the trimmer for more than 10 hours a day, some testers did wear it for 12 hours straight without any problems.

YIANNA:   Check the current price

Women Waist Trimmer Cincher with Adjustable Straps | Nebility – waist trimmer with zipper and shoulder straps

Waist Trimmer Cincher with Adjustable Straps: photoThis waist trimmer is also affordably priced, but available only in two colors and seven sizes. It’s made of nylon blended fabrics which are moisture wicking, easily stretchable, and elastic. This zipper corset is equipped with three rows of hook and eye closures as well as two adjustable shoulder straps to ensure maximum fit. The u-shape breast design ensures the bust is effectively supported and chest is erect. The seller says the trimmer can be used in postpartum recovery to relief postnatal pain and get your body back to its original state and shape. However, I strongly advise you talk to your obstetrician prior to buying the trimmer for use postpartum.

Customers were pleased with their purchases with many women wearing it to work, at home, or even to the parties. The pictures the testers shared were inspiring and made me want one for myself. Just joking, I’d better just go the hard way: diet!

Nebility:   Check the current price

Waist Trimmer for Weight Loss | LODAY – waist trimmer with zipper and shoulder straps

Waist Trimmer for Weight Loss: photoThis waist trimmer looks practically the same as the one described above from Nebility: it also features both zipper and hook-eye closure. The u-shape will also level your bust up a bit and provide gentle yet effective support for your breasts. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and the stretchy fabric won’t restrict your movements and would look great with fitness crop tops or other gym wear. You can, of course, use it during physical training, to induce sweat, but again, using waist trimmer alone won’t get you anywhere. You really need to diet and exercise regularly to achieve substantial results. Customers were pleasantly surprised, and many praised how stretchy and comfortable it was. Those who were a little disappointed complained that they ordered the wrong size and recommended to purchase one size smaller.

LODAY:   Check the current price

Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trimmer & Cincher | LADY SLIM – latex waist trimmer

LADY SLIM - latex waist trimmer: photoThis beautiful corset is made in Colombia. It’s 100% natural latex, as claimed by the seller, who also warns about the temporary smell from the material that goes away in 3 to 4 days. The trimmer is specifically designed for a sauna effect, increasing the abdominal temperature and making you sweat. The inner layer is designed to actually absorb the moisture so that you will not feel uncomfortable. The item also features 3 layers of hook and eye closure but comes without shoulder straps. The seller says the trimmer can reduce up to 5 inches of waistline to create a beautiful hourglass figure. The testers who tried the corset often praised it for its invisibility under clothing, which was obviously a significant advantage.

LADY SLIM:   Check the current price

Waist Trimming Corset & Tummy Fat Burner | SayFut – breathable waist trimmer

SayFut - breathable waist trimmer: photoThis trimmer is made of breathable mesh fabric with little air vents throughout the garment. There’s also three layers of hook and eye closure and a flexible boning to ensure the proper custom fit. There are actually four pieces of built-in steel bones for better support and ultimately correct posture. Many testers related good results with wearing the corset on a regular basis. Among complaints were the size of the trimmer since, as consumers put it, it was shorter than appeared on the picture. It’s 10 inches in length, in case you wonder.

SayFut:   Check the current price

High Waist Butt Lifter & Tummy Control Panty Waist Trimmer | Gotoly – waist trimmer to wear under clothes

waist trimmer to wear under clothes: photoThis piece is something a little different for a change and actually looks like something I’d would want for myself. This is not a regular corset in its purest sense, but rather a hybrid of panty and a waist cincher. It looks really beautiful and sexy and would be almost invisible under any garment. The seller says it’s soft, breathable, and very comfortable. It looks indeed very sleek and neat and doesn’t seem to hurt the model on the picture as much as other corsets would appear to do. Besides, there’s an antibacterial layer on the panties for proper hygiene, and elastic laces that guarantee any thigh would fit into this beauty. The price is really nothing, it’s like 10 dollars, all worth the money!

Gotoly:   Check the current price

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer for Men & Women & Free Sample of Sweet Sweat Gel | Sports Research – waist trimmer for working out

waist trimmer for working out: photoIn case you’re in the market for a waist trimmer for gym and workouts, then lucky for you the following two examples will suit all your exercise needs.

This one from Sports Research doesn’t really look like a corset, but rather a workout belt intended for wear during physical training to induce more sweat around the waistline. Besides, the gear comes with a bestselling Sweet Sweat gel, also known as a waist trimmer in a bottle. The seller recommends using it together for increased thermogenic activity and better results. Although the product’s description says the belt is naturally flexible to adjust to any shape, it’s available in five sizes to ensure you buy a perfect one just for you. Unlike corsets which are intended to squish your waistline, this belt needs to be worn loose enough to provide a full range of motion during workouts. The material is latex-free (nothing to worry about in terms of allergies) and neoprene, which guarantees enhanced sweating experience. The grid liner, however, is made of moisture-wicking fabric, so you won’t feel uncomfortable during exercise.

A lot of testers shared the pictures with their sweaty tummies, which don’t really look aesthetically appealing, but proves that the belt’s working as advertised. This is definitely not a waist trimmer you’d use in your everyday life under clothes, it’s really designed for use during high-intensity training where you work your neck off.

Sports Research:   Check the current price

Waist Trimmer Belt Sweat Wrap for Stomach and Back Lumbar Support | ActiveGear – waist trimmer for guys // waist sauna belt // waist trimmer for lower back

waist trimmer for lower back: photo8 Best Waist Trimmers | Trim & Train Your Waistline to the Desired Shape | Buyer’s Guide 2020And although we named the belts as for guys in the title, it’s actually available in other colors, which could appeal to a female demographic as well.

This versatile waist trimmer is intended for protecting the lower back muscles and abdomen from strain and fatigue during workouts, and for inducing a sauna-like experience during training. The belt is specifically engineered to help optimize the metabolism and shed extra belly fat by retaining optimal body temperature in the abdominal area.

The material is also neoprene with moisture wicking qualities which are designed to repel excess moisture and prevent the buildup of bacteria and unwanted odors.

ActiveGear:   Check the current price

Comparative chart of Waist Trimmers


Material: latex, cotton, lycra, spandex
9 spiral boning supports
3 hook-and-eye closures for flexible sizing
High Compression, reduce waistline up to 3 sizes instantly
10 sizes, 13 colors
Material: nylon/spandex
3 hook-and-eye closures for flexible sizing
Shoulder straps
7 sizes, 2 colors
Material: nylon/spandex, cotton
3 hook-and-eye closures for flexible sizing
Shoulder straps
8 sizes, 4 colors
Material: 100% latex
3 hook-and-eye closures for flexible sizing
9 sizes, 3 colors
Material: Polyamide
4 steel bones
Material: breathable mesh
3 hook-and-eye closures for flexible sizing
9 sizes, 2 colors
Material: Spandex
8 sizes, 5 colors
Sports Research
Material: neoprene with velcro
5 sizes, 1 color
Free samples of Sweat gel
Material: neoprene with velcro
2 sizes, 5 color

Pros and cons


  • Corsets provide an instant hourglass body shape or a quick fix for a tummy fat
  • If corsets are worn consistently, you can “train” your body to accommodate the desired shape
  • Corsets, lower & upper back belts can help improve posture
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Corset diet: wearing a corset compresses your stomach and decreases appetite
  • Can help return your body back postpartum
  • Wait trimmers, such as sweat belts, can actually help you lose weight
  • Offers support for bust and accentuates breasts


  • Should be worn only after consulting a doctor (especially postpartum and after C-section)
  • Can be worn no more than 10 hours a day
  • If worn long-term can result in muscle atrophy and other medical problems
  • Can be seen under clothing
  • Loss of appetite can be paired with acid reflux and other gastrointestinal problems
  • Can be addictive and lead to eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia


Are these belts effective? // Do waist trimmer sweat belts work?
Yes, they are effective, but only when used in combination with other methods, like regular high-intensity training and proper diet.

Does it safe?
Speaking of waist trimmers for a gym, yes they are safe if you don’t have allergies to a particular material or skin rash after use.

As for the corset, they do squish the internal organs, but can be used short-term without any problems, provided you talked it over with your physician and you don’t have any contraindications.

Does a waist trimmer belt help lose weight?
Yes, it does. Primarily, it’s water weight. But if used long-term with regular training and diet, you will lose weight, yes.

Do these belts cause cancer?
No, there’s no known evidence. All cancer associated claims have been successfully rebuffed.

Can you wear it to bed?
Yes, some people sleep in their corsets. But we do not advise you wear a belt or a trimmer for more than 10 hours a day.

Can I wear a waist trimmer all day?
Not more than 10 hours a day.

Can you wash a belt / How to clean a waist trimmer?
Usually, hand wash is preferred, especially for corsets. Neoprene belts can be usually machine washed. But you should check the label of a particular waist belt and see for yourself.

How to use a waist trimmer / How to wear a waist trimmer?
Speaking of corsets, if it’s your first time, you’d better lay down on the floor, sofa, or bed and start closing the corset from the bottom up. You may ask a friend or a partner to help you distribute the pressure on both sides of the waist trimmer while you start closing the hooks. As for the neoprene waist trimmers, you have to wear those for workouts. Usually, a sweat gel might be necessary for better results.

How tight should a waist trimmer be?
For a corset, it should be tight enough for you to be able to breathe freely. For a sweat belt, it should not restrict your movements, so should be a little loose.

What’s a waist trimmer from love handles?
Love Handles is actually the name of the company that manufactures sweat belts for a workout, like this Waist Trimmer for Belly Fat Burn

What waist trimmer for diastasis recti can you recommend?
You should consult your doctor first and see if she can recommend a particular model that would suit your condition. We, in turn, can recommend the following model: LuJuny Postpartum Belly Wrap

What’s a waist trimmer in a bottle?
Waist trimmer in a bottle is a gel that has to be applied on the belly under a sweat belt to increase blood circulation and induce sweat. This is an example of such a gel: Sweet Sweat Coconut


If you have not yet joined the waist trimming craze, then think of it, should you? The answer is not that straightforward. All body shapes are beautiful and you should try and accept yourself as you currently are. However, if you decide to go for a quick fix, I don’t blame you. Corsets can make you look and feel feminine and sexy. So, why not?

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    This one is a common item in almost any list of best waist trimmers. That is mainly because of its unique wrap-around design that supports lumbar vertebrae and the lower back very well. Made using therapeutic m wide neoprene fabric, it strengthens trims curves, tummy abs and improves body posture whilst exercising, walking or running. This highly comfortable and adjustable trimmer can make you slimmer and fitter in just a couple of weeks of use.

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