Editorial Staff

Raquel Graña

Raquel Graña, our sex expert from Spain, is a psychologist, sexologist, educational coach and a professional writer. In 2017, she obtained a degree of Master of Education (M.Ed.) in sexology and therapy at the University of Camilo José Cela based in Madrid. Raquel is working with various websites and magazines, such as Muy Interesante, Mía, Marie Claire and Ser Padres.

Emma Hewitt

Emma Hewitt, our sex and lifestyle writer from New Zealand, holds a Bachelor of Communications (Hons) majoring in Expressive Arts and Media Studies. Her areas of interest include sexuality, sex toys, sexual education and lifestyle topics. In her articles, Emma promotes sex positivity and life enjoyment, educating the audiences. Having a keen interest in these topics, she has been carrying out extensive research supported by her personal experience in this area.

Juli Hawkins

Juli Hawkins studies at Full Sail University, obtaining a degree in Media Communications. She is a freelance writer and a consultant at a company selling lubes, sex toys, and beauty care products. Her areas of interest include product reviews, parenting and high school-focused articles, fashion, celebrity, sexual health, and many others. She is a loving wife and a mother of two beautiful children.