Home remedies to relieve colic

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Strong twinges, cramps, depression, sweating, headache, nausea, vomiting, bloating, fluid retention and dizziness are some of the symptoms that many women experience in their day 28 because of their menstrual period. The annoyances that stop continued with the custom of the day are the torment of many. Although there are influential drugs on the market that relieve colic there is the opportunity of using natural and safe tips.

Hot Infusions

Colic is said to occur since of the cold we collect throughout the month so, these beverages made from natural herbs are a great remedy that can help alleviate the terrible pain. Cinnamon, chamomile, flower of Jamaica anise or evening primrose oils are ideal to soothe this type of discomfort because separately from having a great calming effect help control menstrual cycles and quick relaxation of the uterus.

Inhalation of plants and flowers:

It is advisable to ease cramps and promoting relaxation of muscles. Plants like marjoram, lavender, juniper, lemon balm, mint or rosemary are suitable for the treatment of menstrual disorders.

Cloths heat in the belly:

A heating pad, a hot water or a wet hot towel will be your ideal friend in these menstrual days. Make sure it has a degree of heat that supports do not want to burn and does it for long minutes in your abdominal area as you take a break.

Abdominal Massage:

The rub on the belly area also help reduce and relieve pain. Massage the area of ​​the ovaries and uterus few minutes, add oils with essence of rosemary sage and cypress which are suitable for the pain goes away faster.

Time for exercise:

Walking is a medicine in the days of the cycle, as well as more demanding exercise routines, by improving blood flow and can help you deal with menstrual cramps. It is important to exercise moderate and mild intensity, especially when the conditions are too strong.

Beware of the food:

Diet plays a very significant role in the hormonal process. Therefore, it is recommended that you follow a diet rich in vegetables berries, vegetables, soups, fish and nuts. Stay away from dairy products caffeine, beverages, alcohol, cold drinks and citrus.

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