Ideas for exercise with car tire

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Although popular when training tires are the tractor very employed in the practice of Cross fit, perhaps it is much easier to have an ideas for exercise car tire, therefore, that we take advantage of the same to train.

Tires as training object

We have said that when working the body no valid excuse therefore, it is not necessary to have expensive equipment to exercise ourselves, but with household items or in this case with tires car we can perform a thorough physical work. As you will see in the following, we can use the car tire to perform jumps in and out of it of different types or jump playing feet alternately the same, although there are many other possibilities:

As support surface, we can use the tire for funds triceps push ups inclined or declined abdominal plates with movement or other movements. It is the best we can use the tire rolling it to run roll out or abdominal extensions and work well mean or area, holding the tire is possible to use it as cargo. Thus, we can replace a kettle bell by the tire of the car and perform variety of exercises, such as halo swing windmill or Turkish uprisings.

You can also perform traditional ideas for exercises such as shoulder presses, chest presses others, and some more original ideas are to use the tire around the waist there hold us and offer resistance to the career of a partner or perform trunk twisting the tire passing between two people. Of all the exercises, the use of automobile tire as replacement kettle bell or, as unstable surface by rolling it abdomen to work is those who have liked. In addition, you, which of these exercises you urge to try?

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