Now Essential Oils Review | Which Oils To Buy: Floral, Sweet Or Spicy?

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Reasons to Pick Now Foods Brand

This brand stands out of many others for three reasons. First, due to its extensive experience with food supplements, the company knows all the peculiarities of dealing with natural products. So no wonder that Now Foods has taken a responsible and professional approach to ensure the highest quality of essential oils.

Secondly, the company has developed an effective pricing policy and skillfully forms relationships with the suppliers of raw ingredients. Why is it important? All these factors eventually determine the quality of essential oils and the efficiency of your aromatherapy or any other application of these substances. The thing is that essential oils only seem to be a simple product. While being derived from natural plants, essential oils may have quite a different chemical composition depending on how the plant was processed. Some techniques allowing preserve a maximum of beneficial properties of the plant, which enhances the oil’s therapeutic effect.

And finally, the company’s story tells us a lot about whether we can trust its products. You know, it takes years to earn a good reputation, while any misstep can ruin it within minutes. That is why a company with a long history is more likely to sell you high-quality essential oils.

So what about Now Foods? It was set up as a family business in Illinois in the late 1960s and today is one of the leaders on the market. Apart from owning production capacities, the company has laboratories for testing ingredients for purity and quality. This brand is present internationally and you can find Now Food distributors in about 70 countries on all continents.

Why Now Foods Oils Are of Premium Quality

Let me start with the fact that this brand uses certified organic essential oils, which is crucial for this kind of product. The thing is that organic farming allows for the production of pesticide-free plants, which are absolutely safe for skin application and inhaling. Whereas oils extracted from plants which have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals, preserve some of the harmful elements and are not as beneficial as they are supposed to be.

Besides, plants growing without pesticides develop their own protective mechanisms against bugs and essential oils perform this function as well. Nevertheless, not all of Now Food products are certified organic, so you can choose between the two options.

As for oil extraction methods and technologies, the company uses a steam distillation method that implies converting essential oils into vapors that are subsequently liquified. The end product comes in small bottles. Many manufacturers prefer this method because it is natural, accurate and produces desirable results. Another strong point of this brand is quality control. The company’s experts carry out tests in the in-house laboratory to make sure that all their products are of due quality and pure enough. As a result, buyers get GC and FTIR verified essential oils. FTIR is an expertise that identifies all chemical compounds in the product as well as reveals possible impurities and contamination. The gas chromatography (GC) technique performs the same function with the distinction that it can detect the tiniest amounts of a substance.

Now Essential Oils Review

Now Foods offers a broad range of essential oils, including those of lemon, citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and others. All of them are highly concentrated and most are 100% pure oils. By the way, I like the way these essential oil products are presented on the website — they are separated into categories based on their scents. So you will find there camphoraceous, mint, floral, spicy, musky, sweet, and woodsy scented oils. This facilitates the choice as you do not have to browse through numerous Latin names of plants, some of which might be unknown to you.

Frankincense Oil: photoNow Essential Oils Review | Which Oils To Buy: Floral, Sweet Or Spicy?Eucalyptus Globulus Oil: photoNow Essential Oils Review | Which Oils To Buy: Floral, Sweet Or Spicy?

For example, camphoraceous oils include Frankincense Oil that will give you relaxation and will help to relieve stress. This substance was extracted from tree resin and tested in the laboratory to ensure that there is no synthetic ingredient in it. A one-ounce bottle will cost you less than $20 and can be used alone or in combination with the oils of myrrh and orange. A more popular option is Eucalyptus Globulus Oil that has over 3,000 customer reviews. It has a strong smell and a powerful invigorating effect. You can use it to purify the air or set the mood. Customers like this aroma, saying that it lasts long and is ideal for opening up the sinuses.

Lavender Essential Oil: photoNow Essential Oils Review | Which Oils To Buy: Floral, Sweet Or Spicy?Now Foods Jasmine Fragrance: photoNow Essential Oils Review | Which Oils To Buy: Floral, Sweet Or Spicy?

Perhaps the most popular item in the floral-scented essential oil section is Lavender Essential Oil that has a wonderful tranquilizing effect and will soothe your nerves after a tough day at work. Customers describe this item as a high-quality yet affordable product. One of the buyers notes that whereas most of the lavender oils available online are actually forgeries, this product smells genuine. Alternatively, you may try Now Foods Jasmine Fragrance that has a subtle romantic scent and will help you relax. One of the purchasers says that at first, the scent may seem a bit too floral, but what you need to do in this case is put just a few drops, no more. That said, this is not a 100-percent pure oil, otherwise, the item would cost 10 times more.

Peppermint Essential Oil: photoNow Essential Oils Review | Which Oils To Buy: Floral, Sweet Or Spicy?Now Patchouli Essential Oil: photoNow Essential Oils Review | Which Oils To Buy: Floral, Sweet Or Spicy?

When it comes to mint-scented oils, I recommend Peppermint Essential Oil that boasts a strong mint odor. I think you will like its exhilarating and refreshing scent. This product is not just 100% pure but also certified organic. Over 80% of customers gave it five stars. They say that it smells best of all the peppermint oils and can be used both in aromatherapy and as an ingredient for homemade cleaning solutions. When choosing between musky essential oils, you may opt for Now Patchouli Essential Oil. This aroma produces a therapeutic effect, calms down and delivers relaxation. This oil was naturally derived from dried leaves of the plant and thoroughly tested for purity by the company’s experts. Customers say they use it in an oil diffuser or burner. One of the purchasers who suffers from asthma claims that this scent is a great substitute for perfumes.

Now Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil: photoNow Essential Oils Review | Which Oils To Buy: Floral, Sweet Or Spicy?Now Orange Essential Oil: photoNow Essential Oils Review | Which Oils To Buy: Floral, Sweet Or Spicy?Now Cedarwood Essential Oil: photoNow Essential Oils Review | Which Oils To Buy: Floral, Sweet Or Spicy?

Among spicy scented oils, I advise you to try Now Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil. This solution has a warm spicy scent that will charge you with energy for the rest of the day. You can mix it with the oils of clove and vanilla for more impressive results. If you are looking for a sweet-scented oil, one of the choices would be Now Orange Essential Oil that has a fresh orange peel aroma. Put a couple of drops in your diffuser and the room will be filled with this invigorating aroma. Some customers use this substance as a bug repellent, mixing a teaspoon of this oil with cooking oil. And finally, there are woodsy scented oils, such as Now Cedarwood Essential Oil with a warm balsamic scent. I recommend diffusing it in the room to create an atmosphere of cleanliness and order. By the way, one of the buyers suggests diluting this oil with water and applying the solution to a dog’s fur as a proven way to get rid of fleas.

Peaceful Sleep Oil Blend: photo

Apart from single oils, Now Foods offers various essential oil blends that have amazing therapeutic effects. One for the highly-rated options is Peaceful Sleep Oil Blend that contains the oils of tangerine, chamomile, orange, lavender, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang. This blend will help you relax and have a deeper and more durable sleep. One of the customers says that he purchased this item for his 3-year-old daughter and that aroma really encouraged her to fall asleep in her bed, not in the bed of her parents as it used to be before.

Now Foods Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser: photo

On top of that, you can also buy Now Foods Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. This inexpensive BPA-free device has a sleek design and will adorn the interior of any house. This diffuser operates noiselessly for up to eight hours. It is easy to use as all you need to do is add some tap water and a few drops of oils. The product has a beneficial feature of automatic shut-off, meaning you will not have to worry about your diffuser running out of water. Once the water amount in the container is too low, the unit will turn off automatically. What customers like about this diffuser is that it works well and quiet. One of the buyers notes that he likes the item’s large size as it is capable of holding up to 12 ounces (350ml) of water, which is an advantage over most cheaper options.

Organic Jojoba Oil: photo

In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about other products from this brand. If you liked Now Foods essential oils, you buy something else to save on delivery. The company offers food supplements such as those including prebiotics for a healthier diet and antioxidants slowing down the aging process. Among Now Foods beauty products, you will find the oils of avocado, coconut, and castor, which will moisturize and soften your skin and hair. I would also recommend Organic Jojoba Oil that is considered to be a very effective cosmetic oil. The solution was tested in a laboratory and shows a stable softening effect. You will definitely like it!

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